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... I was searching the boards for some similar symptoms to mine and I found this. I totally relate to what you posted sugarplum! I feel hot and cold at the same time. ... (5 replies)
... although I am recovered from panic attacks and phobias I still have what is likely to be an anxiety related problem when stressed I become feverish, that is I feel too hot or too cold, sometimes both on different parts of the body at the same time I take my temperature and its always normal I usually feel too hot or too cold and am rarely comfortable, I sweat a lot I... (3 replies)
... mas i felt like i was running a major fever all of a sudden but my feet were so cold but really my body temp was normal. ... (3 replies)

... It might be some side effects to the drugs that your body was used to taking. I know that that there are times though when I feel strange feelings about my body like that. I think it is great to let people know your feelings so they know that their not alone and the feelings are normal. ... (3 replies)
... On the days I took xanax with my zoloft I did feel fatigued. I've read a lot of other posts where some people do have fatigue on it untill their body adjusted. ... (22 replies)
... Over the years i find that i worry a bit to much, ive always had a slight shyness about me but this feels different. ... (1 replies)
Anxiety & nausea
Dec 11, 2007
... I wonder the same thing, I love to go out of town but also hate it at the same time, because I seem to always get nauseous anytime the heat is on full blast, even if I'm cold. ... (3 replies)
... Actually anxiety is not the same as a panic attack although extreme anxiety can bring on panic attacks and often out of the blue. Some anxiety is normal like worrying about normal things as most people do and becoming anxious over a test or meeting is normal. ... (1 replies)
Lexapro pals
Jun 7, 2004
... yes. I feel the same way as you, except I can cool down. I don't necessarily get hot and it happens. And this is not related to my meds, cause I had this way before taking Prozac. So, here I am. Going to see a Psych hopefully soon. ... (34 replies)
... well mj unfortunately the nasty stuff is in the air bigtime too when the sickys are around lol.since october my whole family has had two viruses each and a cold.Let me tell ya too when the first kid got sick I went out and bought several cans of Lysol,not the small cans the BIG cans lol.and other disinfectents. ... (20 replies)
... I started out with 75mg of effexor, then went to 150. Was on it for around 3 months and it did nothing for my anxiety. it DID help with my OCD though, and kept my anxiety hot flashes at bay. ... (6 replies)
... So this year my anxiety has come in full effect. Alot different from when I was first diagnosed 2 year ago. The begining of this year i guess I was under lots of stress. ... (2 replies)
Jul 7, 2004
... My attacks came out of nowhere one second I was fine and the next I was scared to death, but didn't know what I was scared of. ... (25 replies)
... Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone can relate to my story at all or what I am going through? ... (1 replies)
... I'm 6'2 about 195 after being in the hospital for 5 days without food..was 205. ... (0 replies)
Hyperventilating ?
Dec 11, 2003
... I have seen 3 doctors. Family, ENT and an internist. The internist prescribed the paxil he also prescribed risperdone. When I found out what risperdone was used for and all the bad side effects I decided not to use it. ... (13 replies)
... Lots to read here, I'll try to address the things I am familiar with. The reflux is probably being irritated from the dipping and you need to stay on a med for it to clear it up or you could end up with cancer of the esophogus. ... (2 replies)
Am I crazy?
Apr 23, 2006
... First off let me start by saying my doctor placed me on Paxil due to stress and anxiety I was feeling due to some personal issues I was having dealing with a new home I had built. ... (8 replies)
Starting Zoloft
Jul 15, 2005
... Hi, I posted this in another thread somewhere I think on the panic attack boards but I'll post it here too for ya. It's kind of long but it's a clear description of the breathing technique. ... (6 replies)
... I think I have been called everything but a freak on the board at one time or another. I come here and continue to try to convince everyone over and over that you have to learn to ignore the physical sensations that send you into a panic attack, not fight them. ... (6 replies)

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