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Anxiety gagging
Apr 15, 2018
... n cause I obviously didn't wanna spit it out around ppl who were eating. After that day I've been having constant gagging problems which I know are because of my anxiety I'm taking sertraline 100mg or was because I stopped taking it after I graduated high school in the summer and now I don't have insurance. ... (1 replies)
... Shawn - I forgot to mention that I also get to the point sometimes where I can't even open my mouth, or walk or move for fear of gagging. That really sucks when you are talking to someone :( I feel your pain. (8 replies)
... too and this is usually what i fear the most, it is usually what sends me into apnic attacks. I have emetophobia, or fear of vominting, ESPECIALLY in public, so gagging is all that much more troubling for me, but when i get very very nervous sometimes the urge just comes on. ... (8 replies)

... I have had anxiety for over 4 years now and in the past 2 months I have just started the gagging. I donno if its EXACTLY what you are talking about or not. ... (8 replies)
... All I am prescibed for mine is xanax well for my panic attacks. I find with the gagging what helps is to close my eyes and breathe only through my nose it seems to help for the moment any way. ... (5 replies)
... After reading everyone elses posts, it made me feel a little better that I wasn't the only one going through this. My condition seems to be similar to everyone elses. I feel it the most probably every morning. I wake up, and it feels like there is a large hole in my stomach, following up into the back of my throat, where it is really dry feeling, and like it is being squeezed... (8 replies)
Is this anxiety?
Aug 18, 2005
... For the past week during the mornings mostly, I have had a fast heartrate and I have been gagging constantly...I also have lost my appetite..hard to eat with all that gagging feeling going on. I have a feeling it could be anxiety but not sure. ... (2 replies)
... One of my syptoms that seem to bother me the most is when I have a panic attack I start gagging, normally just get the dry heaves. This is really a prob because if I need to leave the house I gag so much I can't see to drive. If I am not able to forget my trip out or calm down I will continue to gag until I am so exhausted I can hardly stand. I am already to the point I... (5 replies)
... hi, i am 24 and have been sick for about 6 years now, i had a period recently where i wasn't sick or gagging, but like you its back and making me feel worse than ever. As you know this is anxiety about the things you are about to do, meeting etc, I get it when ibrush my tongue too and now i tend not to brush so far back, that way i know i cant be making myself gag, have you... (1 replies)
... throat closing up is one of the symtpoms of anxiety. I have never experienced this but I do get the gagging feeling a LOT!! It is all i can do to control it, and sometimes I lose and gag. This is only when i get very anxious and am close to a panic attack. ... (2 replies)
... I suffer from severe depression and anxiety (all due to an imbalance in my brain). I have had this for over 4 years now. I am just starting a new med hence the new anxiety. I do have a med that i take for the anxiety - its called Klonopin - I take 1mg. Actually after I take that I usually gag -- and i think its just cause im nervous taking it. I hate taking meds. I dont... (8 replies)
... I am having sometimes severe stomach aches due to anxiety and it has now gotten to the point where I will not eat supper for fear that I will get a stomach ache. ... (3 replies)
Disablying Anxiety
Jan 22, 2013
... n feeling absolutely terrible and I have not been able to go to work, go to parties, drive, shower, sometimes I can't even brush my teeth in a given day. I start gagging and I'm just extremely nauseaous. I am being told I have anxiety because they cannot find any medical conditions for me. ... (1 replies)
... s breathing problem i also experienced excessive sleeping. I have seen my doctor on and off since this has started. My doctors have said that i have stress and anxiety and panic attacks. I guess my breathing can't catch my breath is the panic attacks. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Stcy, Thanks for the reply. That really is exactly what happens to me. I feel like I need to throw up, but nothing every does. I just dry-heave over the toilet or a trash can for minutes at a time. The only thing is, is that I don't really feel sick to my stomach, I just feel it build up in my throat. It's almost like someone is sticking their finger down there. ... (8 replies)
... Its so embarrassing to feel like gagging in public and its not like your sick, its just the anxiety. Thanks for your help. ... (9 replies)
... gagging and other throat problems are common for anxiety sufferers, valium as needed helps a lot as it relaxes the muscles, dont be too proud to take it, it will improve your confidence in social situations a lot excessive pride is a reason many anxiety sufferers dont get better remember to drink less as alcahol reacts with valium (2 replies)
... Hi! I have been nauseous and dizzy for the last month to the point where I cannot do anything. I cannot drive before I start gagging and consequently my eyes close. ... (1 replies)
... Drive myself or even go with someone else I get that nausea feeling. I hate it. Sometimes I purposely don't eat so I won't get it as bad. I am gagging sometimes. It's horrible. I do believe it is caused by anxiety. I am hoping the lexapro I just started will take this away. ... (3 replies)
... I recently purchased a condo, and I am now having major anxiety issues about moving out from home. ... (2 replies)

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