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... over the past 9 mos or so as needed. My Buspar started very low but now I'm up to 60 mg, which is the max, 30 mg. ... (3 replies)
... I'm weaning myself off of Klonopin and my doctor has suggested that I take BuSpar to deal with my GAD. The Klonopin didn't seem to be working and he didn't want to increase the dosage. It's tough going off it but I know I can do it. ... (4 replies)
... a day because he thought it wasn't doing anything. I started the weaning off process a few days ago, and I felt like I was going to die. I thought one should be able to stop that stuff cold turkey if one wanted to, but I was even slowly reducing the dosage! ... (1 replies)

What is buspar?
Jun 4, 2006
... hmm diminished sex drive. not good. that's why im going off of Lexapro. I see my doctor tomorrow. I have that issue with a lot of anti depressants. I wasnt sure what buspar was exactly. ... (13 replies)
... I started weaning off BuSpar myself two weeks ago, slowly lowering the dose and now im completly off it, and I just recently two days started getting the same thing as you, ( the tingling in the face), except I get mine more in the back of my head and sometimes in my hands I don't know what the technical name for that "tingling" is and Im all paranoid it is something bad and... (14 replies)
... If there is room in the 'boat' I guess I could jump in too. I too had my doctor give me Buspar instead of my Lorazapam. What is with that? ... (8 replies)
... No one told me how long to wean off it but Im going slow because of the headaches Im getting going off it. ... (14 replies)
Feb 10, 2006
... When I took Wellbutrin and went off of it I had this horrible fatigue. DId that happen to you after going off the Wellbutrin? ... (27 replies)
... Xanax botheres me because I have heard "horror" stories from people going off dt's but it's probalby different for everyone. ... (17 replies)
... Sorry you had a time with Xanax. Some people have been on it for years and never have to increase to stay well. I sure hope the buspar works for you for a long time. ... (5 replies)
... lavil,buspar. the SSR group makes me nusts. i can't sleep am aggitated all the time eat all day and have sooooo much energy that i can't sit still for 5 minutes. buspar i had no side effects to and elavil at 25mg worked for depression and anxiety. ... (7 replies)
... I tried Buspar and it did nothing for me at all. So I dont know what that means to you but I thought it was useless. Maybe it will help you. ... (7 replies)
... I have only been taking Buspar for a little less than 1.5 months and for me it works. My doctor prescribed be 60 15mg pills per month. He told me to start off with once per day, see how that goes for a while, and if it's not working enough then to go ahead and start taking it twice a day. ... (2 replies)
... uncomfortable, hard to ceoncentrate on anything. I'm thinking Buspar may not be for me... ... (10 replies)
Apr 9, 2008
... mgs xanax i take 3 times a day. for panic for 2 yrs now. im not addicted but i tried weening myself off and boom i was having many panic attacks i have severe panic along with that i also have a seizure disorder i sure hope the buspar is going to help me . ... (5 replies)
Feb 21, 2004
... em and if they find something that does, the Doctor should agree that it is the answer also. If the other medicaiton is not working, you don't need it but tapper off of it slowly anyway. It may not be working but it is having chemical effects on your body. ... (6 replies)
... Since I wasn't anxious much anymore, I stayed on Prozac up until last May. I decided to go off the Prozac in May because along with decreased anxiety I became lazier, more tired, and lost some interest in sex. ... (3 replies)
Paxil and Buspar
Oct 15, 2006
... The buspar has worked very well for me in the past at 15mg. a day divided into three doses, but this time I need more. There are many things going on right now around me besides my own Gad symptoms that I have never had to deal with before. ... (4 replies)
... I was on Lexapro for three years and was going happy. I was also single. I found out my sex drive had almost completely diminished once I got into a serious relationship. ... (4 replies)
... since December, with great results. However, lately I feel like my anxiety is getting worse and the buspar isn't working as well. I dread going to the doc because I am afraid she will want to put me on something else and I really like the buspar. ... (1 replies)

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