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... down and walk in the middle of crowds so nobody would spot me, and I'd avoid hallways in which their classrooms were located.. I had mild depression and suicidal thoughts throughout high school, too. Those were probably the first few signs that something was amiss, but I never did anything about it. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I am having a real bad anxiety or panic attack right now. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, i've graduated from college on june and i've been waiting for a very important job in HI, basically my career! I thought the process was going to be easier and faster but when I graduated things when slow and I've started to become anxious waiting and waiting and sometimes the anxiety becomes very bad, I get insomnia, headaces, neck pain and extremely raicing thoughts led... (6 replies)

... I know when my anxiety is really bad I feel this way.. I often obsess about my own health. I always worry I am going to get the "news" that I am dying from some horrible illness.. Mostly cancer.. ... (16 replies)
... Hi folks, would be really grateful for some advice. Im 21 years old and have a history of depression/anxiety. When I was around 16 my doctor prescribed me beta blockers which helped a lot with my anxiety, then when it turned into depression I was prescribed prozac which didnt help at all Over the last 6 months my anxiety has gotten progressively worse - I panick and... (4 replies)
... tarted on the CNS med, and all your vital signs remained within normal limits. Then you changed CNS meds and your vital signs are still within normal limits. I have high blood pressure and if I checked it every day I would drive myself crazy! ... (5 replies)
... s! I honestly don't think I can do the Zoloft. I am having anxiety like crazy, only my body isn't letting me show any emotion, I feel like a zombie. The Dr.'s have tried me on other SSRI's in the past, all with the same effects. ... (15 replies)
... Hi, i forgot to mention.. sometimes when i get bad nerves i think, i have these thoughts that the person around me is hating on me or something, like talking bad... its just all in my head but i keep thinking they are thinking negative towards me.. ... (4 replies)
... that I believed that I had everything that I read about. Obviously, OCD is extremely hard to understand, especially when you, like me, have pure obsessions with violent, blasphemous, and sexual content. ... (7 replies)
... is heightened reactions to the emotion you feel at the time, you in yourself can control it, HONESTLY, if you read some of my first posts you will see at times i have been suicidal. If the program you got you dont like then find some books that you can get into. ... (10 replies)
... felt all funny, weak and just panicky... i went straight to bed as i knew i was having a panick attack because i took my med first time on remeron.. all sorts of thoughts were going in my mind.. am i gonna have a fit? ... (5 replies)
... if you have too much free time on your hand if im not mistaken i also have had the same issue i help myself alleviate thoughs bad thoughts with lots of hobbies , working on cars computers , puzzles, video games you name it. ... (3 replies)
... within 8 months, and the last time I went to my psyche Dr., in dire need this time of his help and guidance, and told me to go off the Klonopin and "it shouldn't have any problems with it since it's such a low dose." WRONG! ... (1 replies)
... I learned that everyone has fears, thats not the bad part. The bad part is if you let that fear control you instead of motivate you. ... (4 replies)
... Thats really sad, missing out on the family stuff. I think this past yr i have got to a stage where it could have got that bad with me. But my thoughts are always " i will not let my fear stop me seeing our beautiful world". ... (6 replies)
... Hi Kate. I have the exact same thing. ... (7 replies)
... I don't have any great words of advice but I just wanted to let you know I get what you're going through. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for the post paxo. The weird thing about me is I have really good weeks and then really bad ones. Like last night I slept like a baby and all the crazy thoughts stopped. I am feeling good today too. I think my problem is hormonal but I am gonna take the Cymbalta anyway. ... (7 replies)
Morning Anxiety :(
Mar 30, 2007
... ing there just let my mind go.. but getting up and starting my day helps alot.. doesnt give you time to think about if you feel tired or lazy or if you are gonna have a bad day. ... (17 replies)
... Join the club. I am the master I worries over the dumest things. If I have a stomach pain, I think cancer, if I have a headache I think Tumor, if my heart beats fast I think heart attack and if it beats slow I think stroke... ... (16 replies)

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