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... For example, there is no single disease that can cause lightheadedness, nausea, and sore aching bones and muscles, numbness in the hands, head pressure, fatigue, all at the same time. At least not this quickly. Plus, it all started with lightheadedness. All the other things came after. ... (57 replies)
... hey everyone I know this is sounding a little redundant to say the least...but I feel so connected to all of you. I partly feel great to relate to everyone, but also sad for you guys, because i know exactly how it feels. the only difference may be that I am 21 now, and have felt these things since i was about 12 or 13.. over the years the symptoms seemed to have gotten... (57 replies)
... I have all those same symptoms you speak of..the head spaciness fullness is the worst and most upsetting and alarming. ... (57 replies)

... ey even ran a stress ecg at 4 in the morning which was unheard of. was fine. my blood work was perfect and they gave me medication to settle me down and my blood pressure went back to a perfect 120 over 76. ... (4 replies)
... Terminal illnesses Or diseases I thought I had: Heart problems such as : -Heart attack -Sudden cardiac arrest -Clogged arteries -Stroke Abdominal problems: (13 replies)
... I was just sitting here and all of a sudden I felt like I was on fire, dizzy, weird pressure on the right side of my head, thought I was having an aneurism, heart sped up, etc. Does anyone know what I mean by this? ... (2 replies)
... almost gone, dizziness comes and goes throughout the day. I can have many episodes. One minute fine, the next, disequilibrium, spacial discomfort, headaches, ear pressure etc. ... (0 replies)
Can anyone relate?
Jan 18, 2006
... I've gone 10 yrs believing I had a serious illness. The symptoms are real , the pain, fatigue, dizziness, tingles, twitches, tremors, neck pain, head pressure, eye pressure, weakness, muscle cramps, etc. ... (3 replies)
... Lightheadedness/Spaciness 24/7 (worse without good sleep) Near fainting spells (only when dizziness is bad) Trouble staying asleep Worrying thoughts Constant sighing Obsessive pulse checking Lack of concentration Cold hands and feet Fatigue Trembling in the morning (120 replies)
... Hi Everyone, Firstly, I'm so glad to have found this thread. I think I'm suffering from an Anxiety disorder of some description. My symptoms are:- Occasional breathlessness Light Headedness (almost a feeling of being drunk!) (8 replies)
... You may also feel like your head is heavy, woozy and you may also experience fatigue as well as headaches.. That being said.. ... (1 replies)
Anyone else?
Aug 19, 2005
... symptoms of leukemia may include: Fatigue Malaise (vague feeling of bodily discomfort) Abnormal bleeding Excessive bruising Weakness Reduced exercise tolerance Weight loss Bone or joint pain (3 replies)
... Here's a very brief summary of my symptoms: * tingling/numbness/burning in hands and feet * memory loss/problems with thought process..cant remember how to fold a shirt.. insisting "cat" is spelled "TAC" + many other examples * blacked out while driving once..a month ago * headaches..some very short and intense * recent instances of double vision * constipation or... (1 replies)
... There have been so many discussions about Lyme symptoms, but here's a list for you: Any of these seem familiar? Lyme can mimic several anxiety symptoms, as well as other conditions. Symptoms of Lyme Disease :mad: The Tick Bite (fewer than 50% recall a tick bite or get/see the rash) Rash at site of bite Rashes on other parts of your body Rash basically circular and... (10 replies)
... increased high blood pressure off and on. ... (43 replies)
... some chest pains and mild stomach upset. I was concerned it could be a heart attack or some heart related issue so I went to the doctors and they found my blood pressure was WAY up. Of course, I was nervous before I even got there... I am on the anxiety boards, right? ... (2 replies)
... isiting my sister at the hospital I started to feel faint, dizzy and nauseous and I had to sit down, almost instantly I felt a heaviness come over me and immense pressure and tightness in my head. ... (2 replies)
... s. During that time I started feeling Kind of an electric current sensation on the top back part of my head. I stopped taking the Lortab and started getting this pressure feeling on the right side of my head above my ear. I thought it was a cold, but it didn't go away. ... (6 replies)
... Anyway one night I started to develop this sensation in my head was immaculate and I could feel something flowing through my body. ... (13 replies)
... Gash my head on a metal basket in the garage. ... (9 replies)

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