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... pressure in head when standing up (1 replies)
... panic and abruptly stand up or move to snap out of it. Then theres always a strange halo feeling afterwards. ... (10 replies)
... It seems that when I get used to one symptom it disapears, and I'll get a whole new one. ... (6 replies)

... But when I saw the cardiologist, he never indicated to me that a drop in blood pressure could be causing this. My BP is a little on the high side, but he didn't seem too worried about it. ... (6 replies)
... You will need to give more detail. What you are describing can be a whole host of things. Did you just start a new medication? (1 replies)
... Sounds like you might have low BP on standing. My daughter has this, orthostatic hypotension. Get checked out, if its that they will tell you what to do to help. No need to suffer and worry (2 replies)
New and Dizzy!
Jul 28, 2006
... function, my eyes always feel tired, dry burning as if I haven't slept in days. If I close my eyes and look up I could feel the pressure in my eyes, at times it effects my vision as if my vision gets jumpy. ... (7 replies)
... Ok well here goes a theraputic exercise for me to type and hopefully for those sufferring the same to read. Here are the "diseases I was convinced I have head during the last 2 times I replapsed each time lasting for about 6 mos. and while wife was pregnant and into first months of new child. ... (7 replies)
... te. About 4 months ago I was on my laptop and I got dizzy not really vertigo but dizzy like eyes shaking kinda dizzy and felt all off balance and like a general head change. So this went on for 2 weeks, it was really only dizzy at first. ... (33 replies)
... Later if you have an accident, even a small accident which is what happened to me several months before my neck went bad but anyway, the accident can easily mess up your neck if you have any FHP before hand. ... (7 replies)
... the meningitis. I went to the doctor who told me I may Have a CSF leak from the lumbar puncture and that I would need a blood patch, because I continued to have head pressure and headaches that were only relieved by lying down. I went through the blood patch at the end of july. ... (0 replies)
... Hi all - I've been lurking for a while and finally felt the urge to post here I started having panic attacks november 2003 (the first one was during the England-Aussie rugby World Cup final) and have been in and out of hospital and my GP ever since. The panic attacks have stopped now (or should I say FOR now...) but since december or 2003 I have had this feeling of... (8 replies)
... So I been feeling this ugly pressure in my body, it feels like when you are standing on your hands and that feeling you get of pressure when you get back up. Do you get me? ... (0 replies)
... depending on the severity, or "ok" on days when my anxiety had not been too bad. ... (7 replies)
... Two weeks ago while sitting in a movie theatre I noticed my heart was beating really fast. When my husband and I came home I mentioned it to him and he listened and thought it was going twice as fast as his. ... (13 replies)
Crazy Symptoms
Nov 19, 2010
... ing for some time now with a strange and undiagnosed set of symptoms despite numerous tests. My sysmptoms seem to wax and wane and also rotate periodically. Just when one seems to get better, another seems to get worse. Below is my list of symptoms and frequency. ... (11 replies)
... Hey after reading your post i have nearly exactly the same symptoms. Mine came on suddenly when i was walking around overseas around 5 months ago and have never really left. ... (9 replies)
... tis that time.... i had all of the same symptoms... you know since 07' since my first panic attack...ive almost ALWAYS shake in legs, and feel like ill pass out when i walk... ... (0 replies)
... feels like.. Okay have you ever been in airplane, or on a train and you are slowly moving and for a split second you feel as if your eyes aren't keeping up with the motion.. you get a dizzy feeling.. Or your sitting stopped at a red light and the car next to you moves but in fact you feel like you were moving? ... (25 replies)
... mart for a walk through on fire safety training. I was going to start work there that same week. Well as I was standing with the group looking at escape exits in case of emergencies I started to black out. ... (2 replies)

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