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... About 2 weeks ago I had an argument with my fiance. The argument lasted for about an hour so I was at my wits end and my heart felt like it just exploded. It kind of felt like I had a mini heart attack. ... (5 replies)
... go with Xanax, I got over my panic attacks within 6 months and no withdrawal from the drug. But I only had hyperventilating symptoms then. Now I'm scared of my heart skipping all the time, along with it racing non stop. I think I am going to just try the Ativan instead and see if it helps. ... (15 replies)
... I had the same tests done as you. I don't get headaches so much, I get this rushing feeling that goes from my head to my toes. It usually leaves me weak and nauseous. ... (8 replies)

... One test was a EKG the other was an ultrasound of the heart to check for any valve prolapse. Blood work to look for a certain protein that indicates heart disease came back normal as well. ... (8 replies)
... it was the express and although the ride was smooth I would get this weird feeling. I had to take another elevator to the 96th floor but that was local, sort of. Believe it or not I was and still am afraid of heights. ... (9 replies)
... now I have had these symptoms since September which started off as heart problem, then lead to stomach problems, which lead to throat problems, and finally I had heart problems again which eventually now lead to me having problems with my head. I am now convinced I have a brain tumor. ... (13 replies)
... some diseases online which scared me, even before i had any physical symptoms. just stress from school and not having a gf sometimes i would just feel tired from feeling like a loser and my body would ache. the first thing i found about was ms. i constantly thought about twitching and muscle fatigue and was so scared. ... (2 replies)
... I thought I was going to die and my vision went all cloudy. I shook my head and came out of it for about ten seconds and the next wave hit me.....I remember my heart pounding like a drum and thought I was going to have a heart attack. The others at the party gave me water and made me lay down in bed. ... (2 replies)
... at age 17 in march of 1994 i was just sitting in class one day and got hit with a racing pounding heart, blurred sight, feeling like i was gonna puke and pass out.. i couldnt even walk.. ... (7 replies)
... my life. I looked up all my symptoms on the internet, and of course they never say "anxiety can cause these symptoms" they say "Brain Tumors, Spinal tumors, ALS, Heart Disease, CAncer, HIV" so of course, I flipped out. I've always had great health, but when the slightest thing went wrong. I'd get very very upset. ... (9 replies)
... heavy heart beats could you describe the weird feeling in your head as "disconnected or spacey" I just didnt feel all there , but that was only before I was going to have an attack. ... (8 replies)
... about the computer like it was some kind of radiation coming from it not the case of course. Anyhow then of course I began having anxiety attacks because of the feeling and my fears of cancer and death. These make it way worse and then everything does spin. Had 2 bad attacks that left me exhasted and spinning. ... (33 replies)
Sleep and anxiety
Apr 18, 2015
... sleep problems because of long term neighbor problems. ... (7 replies)
... I ALWAYS used to think I was going to develop some heart problem even though I'm only 23, always thinking of my heart all the time. I've KIND OF gotten over that recently just thinking of statistics like "what are the chances of it happening to me? ... (5 replies)
... So I get up to go make my bed up and I had a hard time breathing. I felt dizzy headed and I could feel this weird feeling in my chest like being on a roller coaster. ... (1 replies)
... I had been doing pretty well, after my last "issue" where I was sure I had heart problems, etc. ... (8 replies)
... I'm wondering because i'm 30 years old, and lately feel like I have breathing problems similar to what's been described here. I've had it for a couple months now. ... (28 replies)
... I said no, but ok. Made it in his truck, feeling warmer and warmer... buckled in...made it about two blocks and i was tensing, i mean my feet wouldnt stay flat on the floor..... ... (0 replies)
... I have almost constant just weird feelings in my chest, mostly along my breastbone. I have high cholesterol, am an ex smoker and am overweight. My dad had a heart attack at age 47. I feel like I am going to have a heart attack soon no matter what I do. ... (9 replies)
... I started getting severe anxiety problems exactly 7 days before my period started in January and I've never had anxiety in my life. I also have acid reflux that I take medication for. ... (3 replies)

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