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May 29, 2003
... the entire PDF on Prozac is easily found on the internet. ... (2 replies)
Hi Everyone
Sep 13, 2005
... I come from a family of 9 children..Father died suddenly of heart attack at age 45, I was oldest at home, tried to save him..TOUGH ! He was my hero.. ... (23 replies)
... panic. I still have them while on the prozac but they are not so intense. ... (4 replies)

Xanax question
Sep 29, 2009
... I also take generic Xanax .25mg, and while I haven't noticed it specifically, I KNOW for a fact that my heart beats much faster and harder when I'm struggling wtih my anxiety. ... (11 replies)
Getting Off Xanax
Aug 13, 2008
... severity and I was having heart palpitations bad enough to land me in the ER. ... (4 replies)
... but I am. On the verge of dizziness, but not quite. Very strange it freaks me out! Prozac can only do so much, I guess. Maybe it is because of the holidays? ... (3 replies)
... even to the point of a heart cath. At that time he said I had the heart of a 20 year old. I have had a long history of anxiety and yes some time panic attacks. Have not done any tests lately. ... (5 replies)
... THIS IS THE EXACT SITUATION I AM GOING THROUGH THIS TIME ON Zoloft. I am now on 100mg/Day Zoloft and 1MG Klonopin at night. I've now been on Zoloft, after a break from Prozac (trying to find my holy grail of SSRI for Anti-Dep). Mid last week, I started having some marjor raises in Anxiety.. My doctor's office suggested it was simply withdrawing from Prozac, but I... (8 replies)
... eglected to take it because i wanted to be a normal teenager and not have to deal with it. But when my anxiety came back when i was 16 i was also put on 20mg of prozac and when my anxiety was really bad, ide have to take an alphrazolam that day too. I felt great! ... (2 replies)
... I have been having a heck of a time with Prozac too- for anxiety/panic. What dose are you taking, and what type of pill? See, if you are taking the tablet form, you can use a pill cutter to decrease your dose until you see the side effects go away, if they do. I am supposed to be taking 20 mg of Prozac, but was told to start off with 10 initially. The 10 (1/2 the pill) made me... (32 replies)
... d pronounced return. I first began suffering from this nightmare back in 2000. I had no idea what I was dealing with back then. I first thought I was having a heart attack, than colon cancer, etc. Numerous tests and doctor visits, and everything came up negative. ... (7 replies)
... for the first time, like elevators, traffic, busy or enclosed spaces and started seeing a doctor also referred me to a cardiologist thinking i had heart palpitations. ... (1 replies)
Apr 10, 2003
... I have found both Zoloft and Prozac to be workable meds but not the total care for aanxiety. ... (1 replies)
... tightness in chest, no energy, exhaustion by evening, worry about facing the next day with this. For a long time I did really well on Prozac. I wanted to get off Prozac and go on herbal stuff, but that isn't working so well anymore and may have to go back to Prozac. It worked well, just wanted to be more natural. ... (3 replies)
Jan 22, 2013
... eeks off work to take care of me and to give me ativan when I needed it. It was the worse three weeks of my life. I was told I had the second worse reaction to prozac the dr. had ever seen. Now just a few days ago I had the worse anxiety attack I've had in a long time. ... (3 replies)
... seven years old, that's unacceptable for me. Secondly, ever other doctor said Prozac is used to treat depression, and I don't have depression. On the contrary, he does have me on Klonopin that I'm suppose to take "as needed. ... (1 replies)
... Pretty much my question is am I going to have a heart attack taking these 3 at once and my prozac 1 a day? ... (2 replies)
... Well I have been some kind of attacks for a few weeks now. I have missed 2 weeks of work. My blood pressure spikes and heart rate evne though Im on 100mg atenelol. 50 morning 50 night. My doctor says its anxiety and wants me to take 20mg of prozac. ... (5 replies)
... I have never taken prozac before, I am currently on Zoloft. How long have you been on prozac? ... (6 replies)
Nov 26, 2003
... No, TMJgirl, I have never been on Prozac. I was on amitriptyline for 6 years, but I became tolerant of it & have been changed to vivactil which is of the same family as amitrip. and is working great for me for anxiety, stress & depression. Any good AD should help with your anxiety, as long as it's one that you can tolerate. I was tried on Lexapro & had all the physical side... (16 replies)

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