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... four weeks already. If this is as good as it gets, I'd consider changing to another med. Especially if you've had another anxiety episode that could possibly be Prozac related, like the one you described in your first post. ... (32 replies)
... panic attack. At the time I had no idea that that's what it was. I was rushed to the ER and I thought I was dying. The entire left side of my body went numb, my heart was racing, I was dizzy and couldn't see straight. ... (6 replies)
... At the time, I convinced myself that I was having both heart disease and strokes on a daily basis. I confided in my mom, she laughed. I confided in my dad and he tried to explain things to me rationally. ... (6 replies)

... thought I was going to have a heart attack or a stroke or something, I just knew it wasn't something I had ever felt before and it was far from normal. ... (11 replies)
... I am in a very similar situation. I also have really bad anxiety that affects my heart daily. I have been checked out and I get PVCS and sinus tach. My heart rate is high alot, especially in the mornings. ... (2 replies)
... antibiotic caused it. He did give me klonopin as opposed to Ativan since it's longer lasting. And to take for a week and check back in before adjusting doses of Prozac or different Med. I also had an ekg to make sure no heart rhythm issues. ... (1 replies)
... depression. He put me on prozac and vistaril prn. I gave the prozac 6 months and felt pretty much nothing. the vistaril did nothing as well. ... (0 replies)
... ver a year of being diagnosed with just about everything else first. It is safe to say that i lost all confidence in the doctors, because I thought I was having heart problems and was going to die. Anyway I was discharged from the Navy in 1994 with a medical discharge for this wonderfull thing called Anxiety. ... (2 replies)
... Such symptoms are indeed possible with anxiety, I know I've felt like my heart was beating irregularly and gotten dizzy/tingly from my anxiety (OCD related in my case). As for the Paxil, well its not uncommon to be nervous about taking medication but remember your doctor wouldn't prescribe them if they didn't feel they were worth taking. Paxil belong to a class of drugs... (4 replies)
Meds question
Jan 24, 2013
... I don't have any experience with Atenolol but a quick check shows its a beta blocker which is used primarily to treat high blood pressure and other heart related symptoms. ... (2 replies)
... fib Easter Sunday 2000, spent some time in the hospital and eventually diagnosed with anxiety. At that time I was put on prozac and metotoporol. eventually my bp became a problem and Lisinopril was added. ... (3 replies)
... work in therapyt and have tried everything from meditation to accupunture to meds for my issues, with little result really, until I finally broke down and got on Prozac a year and a half ago. ... (0 replies)
... I suffer from anxiety and was on prozac for 2 years. I was having crippling panic attacks, but have been semi free now for a year and off prozac for 8 months !! ... (1 replies)
... I didnt mean that the prozac was making me feel light headed. ... (9 replies)
... Thank you for your experience you wrote on there with the different meds. I tried Paxil and Prozac years ago and I don't recall them helping me. But at the time I was also drinking and so ya know how that goes. None now though. I wouldn't do Paxil again. ... (30 replies)
... was convinced it was a brain tumor. i also ended up getting migraines from BC and of course i thought...brain tumor. i had palpitations and of course i thought a heart attack must be near. i went through EKG's, brain scans, spinal taps, blood tests, and guess what... ... (13 replies)
... lly and emotionally abused until around 10 years old by my father. He's taken care of and out of the picture now. But I'm currently 17 years old and just started Prozac four months ago. ... (4 replies)
... I have a friend on Prozac and she gained a lot of weight. I thought all the SSRI's cause weight gain.....With the exception of the Zoloft, in my case. ... (4 replies)
Beta Blockers
Sep 7, 2007
... rdiologist last year and there si absolutely nothing wrong with my heart. Also had a thyroid function test done in last year and thats ok too. My Doctor said the Prozac will get rid of the shortness of breath, in time but i think 6 weeks is long enough for it to start working now . ... (8 replies)
... to the point where most of the time I hardly even notice them anymore. Sometimes, though, they do get bad and I panic. They got much worse when I started taking Prozac for anxiety which actually made my anxiety worse. ... (5 replies)

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