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... Its amazing, it looks like a memory stick you stick into computer. I reads the heartbeat 24/7 but when there is a jump or leap you press something not sure what yet on the outside of the skin on the monitor and it records 5 mins rev and 5 mins after the episode, that way the Doc can take a reading and make a diagnosis im hoping from that, i d have to have a small incision on... (7 replies)
... Wow, I must say that is some pretty cool technology! (7 replies)
... MY crdiologist now wants me to have a monitor fitted underneath the skin, so im having it fottied next week. That way when i have a strange sensation it cn be recorded and the Doc nd try to interpret whats going on. (7 replies)

... No ive been on it 2.5 years i recently went back up to original dosage of 20mg a day. I had this fainting thing when i was on 10mg, so i dont think its that. (7 replies)
... hi.long story short ,it feels like im reading my past, dejavue,please go to your gp i too had no feelings couldnt cry at nans funeral sons heart op, name it,anyway if you dont mind meds try prozac,side effects hard at first but no worse than you feel now,now i cry at eastenders the news ,husband cant shut me up now ,haha.really though it does get easier (4 replies)
What should i do?
Mar 16, 2009
... i take ativan 1mg 3 a day and prozac 20mg 1 a day for anxiety. ... (1 replies)
Nothing works
Mar 12, 2009
... od pressure spikes and the rapid heartbeat and other anxiety symptoms associated with it. Works well when i'm already relaxed, but if i'm anxious enough i sweat, heart pounds, and it doesn't feel like i'm on the medication. It's like my anxiety fights right through it. ... (9 replies)
... sweetie, you need a med for it. I myself am a suffering hypochondriac. I went to the hospital thinking i had a brain tumor, stroke, couldn't breathe, enlarged heart. NAME IT LOL i thought i had it. After a few anti-depressants for anxiety i will tell you this, they wont help for certain anxiety disorders. BUT what they will help with is the OCD tendencies that anxiety... (5 replies)
... year and a half later... sitting in my bed i feel like my heart is pounding out of my chest, my neck is stiff, so lightheaded, felt like i was going to die. and thus...the panic attack. ... (9 replies)
... I been having really bad Anxiety over a dentist appointment that i have in a few days.My heart is racing and so is my mind.I use to take paxil but I stoped taking it 6 months ago and i feel pretty good. ... (2 replies)
... riously wrong with me,i use to get niggly pains and a numb left arm, i use to tell the Doctor i think i have a brain tumor, then it went on to im going to have a heart attack, i had every test under the sun, nothing was apparent. ... (8 replies)
... s all around. I began experiencing panic attacks, very scary you feel as the world is coming down on you, debilitated sometimes lasting an hour to six hours, you heart pounding fast, feeling like you are gonna go. After my company closed one thing happen after the other. ... (10 replies)
Nov 30, 2007
... I would really appreciate any good or bad reviews of cymbalta. All the info I have read other places is very confusing. I do have heart rhythm problems. The only med I have used is Prozac and did not have any side effects. The doctor is thinking cymbalta might help me more? ... (8 replies)
NOW What !!!!
Oct 17, 2007
... I was and still am getting on really well with Prozac for calming down my SOB attacks. But... ... (2 replies)
Sep 13, 2007
... i feel like this all the time i thought i was the only one when i went to see my doctor i told her i had this feeling everyday and sometimes i get so disoriented that ,i feel as if my head is so stuffed up almost like i am a ghost or something it really freaks me out so i have panic attacks all the the time and when i get really bad i feels like I'm having a heart attack and... (7 replies)
Beta Blockers
Sep 7, 2007
... no sense in taking something that doesnt help.waste of money.however should always have a good heart and thyroid check up and more before blaming it on aniexty (8 replies)
Meds and pregnancy
Aug 25, 2007
... e drug in pregnant women despite potential risks. The animal studies in the article I read stated miscarriage, birth defects, withdrawal, pulmonary hypertension, heart problems and more. ... (12 replies)
... on, because they are interlinked, and sometimes, one disorder will give birth to another. In my case for example, I had anxiety attacks, which sort of felt like heart attacks, and they happened to me in public places, but I had no clue what they were, I would run out of a public place and sit somewhere unti they went away. ... (5 replies)
... If anxiety is interfearing with your life, job, socially, etc. and you said you had a heart condition, then my suggestion would be to talk to your doctor, obtain a phycologist to discuss your feelings. Sometimes meds can get you through the rough spots. ... (3 replies)
... Personally I've started prozac two weeks ago and its making me feel pretty jumpy and crappy but I'm going to stick with it for another month or so and see if it works. ... (5 replies)

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