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... For me I had to start slow and work my way up. The first week was not good but I rode it out and I am so thankful I did. ... (23 replies)
... That's SUCH a complex question. I've been on nothing but SSRI's for the last 20 years, plus Klonipin for anxiety. Lexapro is only the latest. So far it seems quite effective. ... (23 replies)
Lexapro question
Aug 30, 2005
... I have only been on Lexapro about 3 mo. It does not make me feel relaxed, just more calm like AmericanDancer said. ... (3 replies)

... It's so good to hear that you are doing so well on the Lexapro now! I know you had such a hard time with it at first. ... (23 replies)
... how does lexapro make you feel? ... (26 replies)
... Does it make you feel relaxed every time you take it or over time does your body becomes immune to it? ... (10 replies)
... the SSRI's work great, but Kill your sex life, but I was determined NOT to let that happen with me. Yes, the Ginko does boost your sex drive and sensation. ... (23 replies)
... I notice things I always enjoy I really enjoy now. The biggest change is how I am around my kids and how they are responding to me. ... (23 replies)
... Hi Bell :wave: I have noticed something this week too, I don't seem as tired, and I actually have been COOKING dinner!! I hardly ever felt like cooking anymore, and we just at quick meals most of the time. By the time I would get home, I'd be so physically and emotionally spent, that I had nothing left in me. I seems like I have more initative to do things that would... (23 replies)
Question on xanax
Nov 20, 2003
... i know your fear, BELIEVE ME I DO lexapro totally made me nutz. but the xanax is the only thing i have ever taken that actually does what it is supposed to. i highly reccomend it. make sure you don't have to drive when you take it untill you know how it will affect you. ... (7 replies)
... can cause insomnia. I gained weight on everything else I've tried, so I would always stop taking them. I did not lose a lot on Wellbutrin, but the doctor warned me that if i lost more than 5 pounds, he would take me off and try something else because he was concerned about my weight. ... (4 replies)
Lexapro questions
May 27, 2008
... How long before it will kick in and make me feel better? ... (16 replies)
... Thank you so much for your reply. Just hearing how much it's helped you makes me feel like I really should give it a try. I'm so glad you're feeling so much better than you were! It's great to hear about someone winning the war on anxiety! ... (11 replies)
... I'm also taking Lexapro right now and I can tell you that its been great for me! It was a rough start but now after being on 20mg's for one week, I feel great!! Like you, I was taking Xanax . ... (11 replies)
... My doctor recently started me on Lexapro. ... (5 replies)
... Still having bad anxiety, I was on Lexapro before, and can't remember how long it took to feel better. Is anyone on Lexapro? ... (3 replies)
... other thing I can't remember if I posted or not was that I've been having to pee about every hour while awake and my bladder is about to explode in the mornings. Does Lexapro have some sort of diuretic in it? ... (53 replies)
... Do you mind if I ask you how bad your anxiety was and what types of symptoms you had that were relieved by the Lexapro? ... (4 replies)
... Like any antidepressant, the side effects and results seen with Lexapro will vary from person to person. ... (4 replies)
... I am glad I am not the only one. I recently suffered a stroke. I was very fatigued and kept going back to the doctor for answers. They decided perhaps Lexapro would give me some energy. I was on it for two weeks and kept feeling worse. Well let me tell you, I ended up feeling worse than jumping out of my skin..... ... (27 replies)

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