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... acting. However, I had Ativan before I got the Klonopin and it didn't do anything. ... (3 replies)
... r someone and then there are others that take 6 mgs twice daily. it's all dependant on your own personal self. before changing any dosage talk to your doctor. klonopin and other benzos will give you rebound anxiety that's why it's hard to get off. ... (3 replies)
... I was on klonopin for 7 months, . ... (15 replies)

... i take klonopin in the day usually within the first 4 hours of when i wake up. ive been on it for about 4 months now. i started out at . ... (8 replies)
... The smallest dose available of either Klonopin or Clonazepam is a . ... (15 replies)
... take .125 mg at 6am and at 6pm, and told me to take a .25mg tablet of lorazapem at noon,and then cut the tablets into quarters for another week I guess till the klonopin started taking affect, , I thought it was to also sort of wean me off of the lorazepam. ... (15 replies)
... Then, I went to a shrink would gave me Klonopin along with Celexa. I had an acute reaction to the Celexa and stopped taking it. However, the Klonopin works great. ... (10 replies)
... I can take a 0.5 mg twice a day, but I might only take it once every three weeks. This is because I get daily panic attacks, so I'm used to them. I take a Klonopin on bad days. I even have the 0.125 mg wafers for even less days. ... (8 replies)
Nov 12, 2006
... My normal weight for the past 15yrs. is between 122 and 125 in the morning. I feel my best at this weight. Do you have well meaning friends and family that say you are too thin? ... (3 replies)
... I have both 0.125 and 0.5 mg tablets. I use the 0.125 if I want to stop one of my normal, every day panic attacks, which I seldom ever do. I use the 0.5 when I'm having a REALLY bad panic attack, or I'm really upset about something. Sometimes I may have to take two or three 0.5, which usually only happens when I have to go to the dentist. I'm really supposed to take a 0.5 up... (2 replies)
Klonopin taper
Nov 16, 2009
... You're doing great confusedman!!!! Keep up the good work! I too am slowly working on a klonopin taper; I'm down to .125 a day from 1.0 mg, over the course of a month. And remember, it is hard, but it is okay, you will get through this!!!! :) By the way, are you any other benzos or meds? Sometimes doctors augment tapers with other drugs.....??? (29 replies)
... I woke up and took my blood pressure and it was 148/70 (let it be known, immediately upon waking I was focused on my blood pressure and subconsciously figured it was high). I took .5 MG of Klonopin and sat quietly for about 10 minutes and it was down to 125/75. The doctor told me if it changes that dramatically than my high systolic pressure is due to anxiety (as systolic... (9 replies)
... I don't know if Klonopin is stronger than Xanax. They're the same type of medication, so I wouldn't think so... ... (6 replies)
... Yes, it's possible you could be experiencing withdrawal after only 3 months. Check with your doctor, but every time I cut down on a drug such as klonopin, I'd cut back by .125 mg every few days. You'll need a pill splitter, but I think your withdrawal symptoms will be greatly decreased if you proceed nice and slowly. HTH (7 replies)
... My Klonopin has been the only thing I've ever tried that has stopped my panic attacks, which are quite severe. ... (12 replies)
... It's a fast-acting pill that dissolves quickly, so my symptoms abate within 15 minutes of taking it. Still, I have very severe panic attacks, and for some, the 0.5 lessens the symptoms to a normal panic attack, so I'm able to function. The reason I needed the 0.125 is because the 0.5 made me extremely tired, and unable to get any work done, and when you're a college freshman,... (12 replies)
... Forrester, I'm short on time today but wanted to get you a response. I agree with all janik had to say. Just keep plugging and youy will get there :) I also wanted to mention that when I took a few consecutive days off from countering my thoughts everything would seem to come crashing back on me too. I still counter thoughts off and on these days and it still helps a... (52 replies)
... weeks. I've already been on Klonopin for 2 months. I just hope it's okay to stay on .125 mg of it every morning until I feel the Effexor kicking in. i feel like the doctors never listen. ... (52 replies)
... edged sword. I then got my prescription filled for a Klonopin wafer, 0.125 mg, that the psychiatrist had given me but I was waiting to fill when I go home for Thanksgiving. ... (9 replies)
... I do not take Klonopin every day; I take it very rarely, in cases of extremely severe panic attacks. I have both the 0.125 wafers, which I take for moderate-severe panic attacks, and I also have the 0.5 mg tablets, which I use for severe-extreme panic attacks. I'm very sensitive to medication dosages, so that is why I'm on such a low dosage. Even the 0.125 wafers make me... (19 replies)

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