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... as some may know, ive been on klonopin .25 mg 2x day since this past feb. i've started to feel more anxious so i began taking . ... (2 replies)
... I also take xanax and have no depression although I think I have other side effects which I'm not thrilled with. I took klonopin at one time for a few months and became very depressed, lethargic, sleeping all the time and just felt really bad. Not sure about ativan or valium. ... (5 replies)
... My Dr thinks I might have had a similar experience with Klonopin as well. ... (2 replies)

... Klonopin has been known to cause depression, but I take Xanax and I have had no problems with depression as of yet. 6 mos. and counting. Anyway, if the benzo you are taking isn't working for you, talk with your doctor and see about changing to another drug. ... (5 replies)
... acting tranquilizer and certainly can cause depression. You really need to talk to your Dr. about this. ... (6 replies)
... Correction: Klonopin is NOT the "strongest benzo there is" and it is also NOT "almost impossible to get off" :nono: (14 replies)
... is. it should never be taken daily as it is highly addictive and almost impossible to get off of. i have taken it and felt like a zombie on it and yes, it can cause depression. in england klonopin is only prescribed for people with severe seizures and nothing else. ... (14 replies)
... It definitely lasts longer,that's for sure. Does the Klonopin cause you any depression or lethargy? ... (18 replies)
... i am having the same problem. Had it once before as well. It can cause depression. Try doing .25 every other day for a bit. And let your doctor know what is going on. ... (3 replies)
... As hard as it may be, you do need to talk to a doc about what you are feeling. Anxiety meds such as Ativan, lorazepam or klonopin do not cause weight gain, for one thing, they are out of your system so quickly.... ... (10 replies)
... Hey there! Klonopin "should" work pretty shortly after you take it. You are right though about the depressing side-effect of Klonopin. It is the only benzo that has actually been shown to decrease the release of serotonin, so it very well could be causing some depression issues (or could cause cause more depression than the others). Ativan is very similar to Xanax,... (5 replies)
... the short term and takes up to 6 weeks to actually show some sort of relief and if it doesn't work it takes the same amount of time to find that out. Xanax and Klonopin are both Benzo's and they work essentially the same but Klonopin is a much longer lasting version of Xanax. ... (16 replies)
... for the past six months along with Remeron for depression. A few hours after taking the Klonopin I started to feel down and depressed. This morning, I just felt plain old lousy. I don't think it is the Remeron as it was just increased. ... (1 replies)
... That is the only med. I have ever taken, but I would guess there are others, and hopefully others will post about them. Finally, I am sure that some drugs may cause suicidal thoughts, but that would be something to definitely discuss with your doc. before accepting any prescription. ... (3 replies)
... And things like this cause not only stress, but most medications use up our B vitamins that are needed to calm the nerves. ... (7 replies)
... like you need both to sleep. i think you would be better off upping the dosage toone of them with your dr.s help and stopping the others, just my opinion. i am a klonopin lover. valium makes me vomit, xanax does nothing for me, ativan makes me cry so i have had to stick with klonopin. ... (6 replies)
... once maybe twice a day, and although it works great for anxiety..I notice I feel down a few hours after taking it. I am currently on Remeron for depression and have increased the dosage. I am wondering if Klonopin can cause someone to feel down or depressed. ... (14 replies)
... It should only be used for short periods or intermittently. Klonopin is longer acting and not as addictive, but it can cause drowsiness and depression. ... (10 replies)
... Yes that's exactly what it is. But in the past I have passed out from stomach cramps and I'm so afraid everyday that I might pass out when before I would pass out hit the floor get up and not really worry about what just happen just lay down and rest. I just feel like I can't handle anything and I am so sensitive to everything. The docs have said vasovagal syncope exactly... (20 replies)
... I feel your frustration, it should not be so hard to find a dr. It actually gives me more anxiety and a little depression cause i feel alone, like there isn't a dr out there that wants to help me. ... (19 replies)

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