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... do people have any advice on how to use Klonopin responsibly and prudently? ... (3 replies)
... n change 10 lbs in a weekend, in fact last weekend I did add 10 lbs. Unfortunately, I got sick soon after and lost ten lbs, but if this is a 5 lb issue over the holidays then I think we can safely say it was the turkey and stuffing. LOL. ... (3 replies)
Clonazepam Users
Dec 13, 2004
... to recently try Paxil as well and have been on it for almost 2 weeks, but haven't noticed any change yet besides slightly increased anxiety. I really don't want Klonopin to be my only option, but I also like you only take . ... (18 replies)

... I haven't taken Klonopin in months. Went through a long period without since the doctor wouldn't give it to me because I was drinking beer. ... (27 replies)
Clonazepam Users
Dec 16, 2004
... SAD was the problem. Took me off all antidepressants and switched me to the Klonopin and I have had much better results and feel so much better the majority of the time. ... (18 replies)
... Hi, Happy to talk anytime. I'm still in a highly anxious state myself, going from celexa to prozac. I'm also in Klonopin tolerance withdrawal since June, so that doesn't help. Still taking Klonopin but it's not working. ... (30 replies)
... an ever remember that I'm not looking forward to the holidays. I hope for both of us that our meds work correctly and we can be our happy selves again before the holidays really set in. I so much hope we can be stronger. ... (123 replies)
... Hey all, pretty bad insomnia tonight so I thought I would field a question that has been on my mind. When I was about 16 I was diagnosed with severe panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder after suffering a new onset (first one I ever had) panic attack in my PCP's office waiting for a follow up appointment to make sure my beta-blocker was... (0 replies)
... r going to his office in the middle of an attack, he decided to put me on benzos. We were in the process of finding out what worked best for me. We had gotten to Klonopin and Valium. ... (1 replies)
Xaxax Effectivity
Dec 18, 2006
... Never tried Klonopin, but I have heard decent things about it. If the Xanax doesn't work I may opt for a Klonopin or a Vallium so that I get the longer last effect. I hear there is a chance of depression theough with those and I want to avoid them for now. ... (9 replies)
Anxiety & IBS
Nov 18, 2006
... Thanks Miche, I'm on Klonopin which usually helps but sometimes nothing seems to work. ... (6 replies)
... Hi this is my first time posting here. I have suffered from some form of anxiety since puberty 48 years ago. They called it just plain nerves back then. I have it pretty much under control but this year has been an exception to that rule. My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Jan. & because of the stress my health has not been the best. I find that my anxiety is... (8 replies)
... Thanks for the Ativan suggestion. The dr. gave him a RX for Klonopin for anxiety. ... (13 replies)
Dec 28, 2006
... appening whenever I would inhale. I had some reflux earlier in the evening and realized full well I had been eating like crap for at least the last week with the holidays and all. So I did think gas was possible. ... (3 replies)
Racing heart.
Nov 30, 2006
... Anyway, the past few years during the holidays I get even more nervous than usual, so I think that's what's going on lately. ... (4 replies)
Remeron anyone?
Oct 24, 2006
... Yes, much as I hate to admit it, I know I did the right thing in calling the doc. I remember when I first went to see her and she prescribed the Klonopin "as needed," she told me that there was no point in forcing an AD on a patient until they came to the conclusion that they really needed to be on one. ... (67 replies)
How Can I Help?
Oct 8, 2005
... which I understand, I can not drive by myself, nor with anyone with me, I feel only safe with my husband, and then again, only in my small town. I have forgone Holidays with family, even missed funerals of family members. ... (3 replies)
Sep 20, 2005
... I unfortunately have tried prozac, effexor, paxil, klonopin and a few I said I've been trying to get help for 7yrs. ... (7 replies)
... I'm still taking Klonopin too though as well every morning, so I'm gonna try to taper off pretty soon and see how that goes. ... (4 replies)

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