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... I have OCD, Anxiety, and depression. My pdoc raised my Luvox to 300 mg's for about 2 weeks now. With Luvox it seems to work then fizzles out, then seems to work again, and fizzle out. Before trying a new AD my pdoc wants me to try going to 300 mg to really see if we should consider a change. He also augmented it with a very low dose of Abilify. I started taking Abilify... (4 replies)
... on here. I take klonopin, zoloft and I drink a few cups of coffee a day.. the zoloft seems to not be working for my depression very well and even when I take my klonopin I still feel anxious all day..Some days I just want to cry all day because im so stressed out.. Like I cant sit down and even watch a movie.. ... (0 replies)
... I have OCD and anxiety. I would speak with a doctor about being put on something on a daily basis, rather than depending on the Klonopin. ... (3 replies)

... I have also heard good things about Klonopin though too, so maybe the doseis too high for you. Is your anxiety gone? ... (1 replies)
... Hey everyone. For the past 3 weeks, I have been on 10 mg of celexa at night, and 2 tablets of .5mg klonopin whenever during the day. ... (1 replies)
... Klonopin is a Benzo and it helps me tremendously. I take 2mgs once a day and it clears up anxiety symptoms, most irrational thoughts, OCD thoughts, makes me not as tired, even with little sleep, makes me feel incredibly relaxed, at ease. ... (6 replies)
Jan 30, 2004
... I have both GAD and OCD. I take .5mg Klonopin twice a day for the GAD, and Lexapro and Wellbutrin for the OCD. Of course, the Lexapro also can help with the GAD. ... (14 replies)
... Been taking same med .5 mg 2x a day as needed. It has been a life saver with work stress. When stress of move has passed you will be able to go back to as needed. (4 replies)
... hello. i was prescribed .5 klonopin as needed everyday for ocd a while back. took it a few times months ago with no problems. ... (4 replies)
... I have bipolar and borderline disorder with a side of ocd and anxiety. I started on 100mg of lamictal in May '04 and then upped in Aug to 200mg. ... (4 replies)
... st I use to drink to self medicate and because of that my dr will not give me meds for anixity. I have been sober for 3 yrs 7 mth. Try to gets some meds for your ocd and anixeity. With that your symptoms should ease. My ocd is me writing myself notes all day and keeping them. probably 80 to 100 a day. Little small notes. ... (15 replies)
Klonopin taper
Nov 18, 2009
... and they always worked well for a long time before they "pooped out", at which time I would switch to another one. SSRI's work well for OCD as well, so I'm killing two birds with one stone. ... (29 replies)
... I think there is a strong link between anxiety and OCD. My psychiatrist even told me that even tho my main problem is anxiety, I do have some OCD components. ... (6 replies)
... I am a 24 year old healthy outgoing person with a great job. I was diagnosed with ocd,major depression,generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder when i was 15 and was put on 20 mg of celexa that worked wonder for the past 10 years. My major problems were panic attacks and after starting the medication I was fine . I recently had a relapse after all these years in my anxiety... (0 replies)
... I was diagnosed with severe OCD and severe anxiety. I am obsessed with my heart and blood pressure and constantly research symptoms and think I'm dying. ... (9 replies)
... Just wondered if one was better than the other for treatment of anxiety? Klonopin is really making me spaced out and cannot not even keep thoughts straight...... (1 replies)
... Looking back I've had anxiety since childhood but it flared up bad once I got into my teens... I have, let's see... Bipolar 2(originally Bipolar mixed with psychotic features) which contains hypomania and depression. Panic Disorder Agoraphobia Mixed Personality Disorder which contains the OCD, needing to be taken care of and avoidant issues... I've suffered from intense... (3 replies)
... I started with therapy and meds about three years ago, and I'm doing much better than I was. It's just hard to remember that sometimes. I have been prescribed Klonopin since my last post, and that seems to help. I went to a function Wednesday and was able to talk to people and function more than usual. I was more relaxed. ... (4 replies)
... or me to be out around people too, only in short spurts. If I didn't have xanax, I wouldn't be able to do it. I take xanax and benedryl and it helps. I also have klonopin to take now and then. My dr. wants me on zoloft, but I have fought against it for months. I need something, but what? ... (4 replies)
... er obsessing. I was prescribed xanax but wld only use it when my thoughts got to the point of forgetting to breath. So I took up yoga and my crazier than average ocd diet of health. ... (3 replies)

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