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... is very little, but understand that it takes awhile for Klonopin to take effect unlike Xanax or Ativan. You should also talk with your doctor for any increase in meds. ... (18 replies)
... I am wondering if anyone has an opinion on which makes you less drowzy for daytime use. I've been on Klonopin, .5 mg , but I am so tired int eh day. ANy advice?? (1 replies)
... Klonopin is not specifically for anxiety or panic disorder and causes many more side effects than xanax. I felt like a zombie when on it and couldn't function. ... (19 replies)

... mg a day now, before that xanax etc. ... (13 replies)
... and I still feel nervous in certain situations. I did get Klonopin wafers a few months ago and took a . ... (5 replies)
... No, it really doesn't matter what type, unless you have bi-polar which is usually treated with different meds than depression. Most anxiety & depression are treated with ssri's. If you cannot tolerate them, like me, then they try tricyclics which are the older depression meds. Also, the benzo's like xanax, klonopin, ativan etc. Even the best pdoc is not always sure which... (14 replies)
... checked different benzo withdrawal sites including the Ashton Manual and they all say that buspar won't help. Some suggestions for tapering off including taking xanax or valium in small doses to help with symptoms but I don't think he'll prescribe those for me. ... (2 replies)
Feel awful
Oct 30, 2011
... up, blood work and all. If you're that nervous about your heart, maybe you should go to a cardiologist and have some tests run there. You said that Klonopin and xanax did not help for long. Have you ever tried an SSRI or SNRI? ... (3 replies)
... depressants for a week or two.I did not need anything but Lexapro,although I now also take Neurontin as my Psych hates the benzo's.Lexapro is great. All the best! ... (10 replies)
... I am not sure what type of OCD you have so I am just shooting from the hip here. If anxiety is what you want to get rid of then Xanax, Klonopin, or another long term Benzo is your best bet. Also, you can stay on the Celexa if it helps with the OCD. ... (8 replies)
... I take 2 xanax usually before I get on a plane and it helps a lot. I sometimes worry too that it won't "work," but you know what? ... (5 replies)
... i am currently tapering off ativan which is similar to xanax in that they are both fast acting and do not last long. ... (19 replies)
... Also, decongestants can exacerbate anxiety so I'd stop using them if this happens. If you didn't like Ativan, maybe you could try another Benzodiazepine like Xanax or Klonopin. They make you sleepy at first, before you get used to them. I usually break my Xanax in half and they work great for me when I need them. ... (5 replies)
... do not. Unless you are quite ill on the drug getting off simply is not worth it, unless you can afford to have your life turned upside down for a year or maybe a multiple of them, and even then, fulll recovery is not guaranteed. ... (6 replies)
... zoloft and wellbutrin are both antidepressants and should be reducing your anxiety so that you need little or no xanax or klonapin. ... (5 replies)
... If you keep the dosage that low and you do not take it everyday, that does help to avoid the dependancy, tolerance and withdrawal issues most times so it sounds like you have the right ideas......and Graciecat was brilliant in her handling of her dosage and situation( her doc was very unique as well) and she came out the winner, so it can be done! Sounds like you are being... (7 replies)
... Thanks for the responses. You are both right, it isn't ideal or even good to have to take benzos for a long period of time, but I think everyone is different...some people don't do well on it and some do. ... (7 replies)
... and benzos, which xanax is. ... (6 replies)
... There is always Klonopin as well. I took xanax for ten years. It is a very addictive drug. It only has a lifespan of four hours but if you are having a panick attack it will calm you or put you to sleep. ... (7 replies)
Xanax or Valium?
Jan 14, 2009
... How long does it take for you to start feeling the effects of Klonopin and how long do the effects last? ... (4 replies)

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