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... Anyway, I now just get presriptions from my regulat doctor and I was wondering if there was something that I should try. Or if there was a reason to get back out there and visit a phychiatrist again to seek out new meds? ... (5 replies)
... for example, to calm down during a panic attack or a particularly stressful situation. ... (11 replies)
New to lexapro
Jan 23, 2004
... d to start working. Is this a family doctor or a psychiatrist? ... (8 replies)

... Thanks -- no, I haven't taken Zoloft in a long time. Not taking anything now, although Effexor has been suggested by some (it is supposed to help the fibromyalgia as well). As far as the lumps go, no I don't feel any physical lumps (neither did the ENT), it is just the sensation. Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but what is CBT? I am guessing that the T... (5 replies)
... depressants do not work for me. I take ativan and occassionally klonopin for my anxiety and panic. These might work for you, they work for most people. Or you could try valium, but I must warn you, you will probably have severe ataxia and balance problems for the first few days of trying valium. ... (5 replies)
Nov 22, 2003
... for you instead of hearing everyones opinion on how much you should take etc...we are not doctors after all! If you find the doctors dosage prescribed too much, or makes you drowsy etc... ... (16 replies)
... I used to have this exact same phobia! I'm 19 now, but when i was about 8 or 9 I began feeling the same way you do. There was no explaination for it, it just developed out of the blue. ... (12 replies)
... Ok I have now been on Klonopin for 2 weeks. ... (31 replies)
... You are really worried about sleep and I think that may be a big factor in having trouble doing this. Klonopin will help you sleep, just like xanax until you build up a tolerance to it. ... (23 replies)
Please help!
May 18, 2015
... Then later got on Zoloft with Xanax as needed. I still take a small dose of Zoloft just to even me out and help deal with stresses of life. My Mom, at 95, takes Cymbalta...there is a generic now... ... (8 replies)
... get the same way, I feel like my heart is racing although most times it's not. It can when I get super panicked, but usually it just feels as though it's racing or I am having weird heart palpitations. I also get dizzy, nauseous, shaky and feel like I am in a dream. ... (16 replies)
... Unfortunately, there is no "best of" that will fit everyone, and most anxiety is sort of lumped together in the minds of psychs. *Some* research indicates Paxil may have stronger anti-anxiety effects than other SSRIs/SNRIs. Klonopin tends to be great for panic if taken either on a regular basis for a while OR by someone with several attacks a day/unusually long-lasting... (2 replies)
... Hi Janice. I'm doing ok. I'm sorry you're having a bad day. I know what you mean about wanting to be normal with no anxiety or depression. ... (123 replies)
... I am finding it harder then ever this time to get back on it. Actually going to ask Dr for xanax tomorrow because klonopin is not cutting it at ALL!!!!! ... (1 replies)
... etc makes me tired from stress or whatever, it lifts me up and calms me down at the same time. I use it cautiously, but it saved my life and ability to go forward. ... (3 replies)
Celexa Withdrawals
Nov 25, 2011
... and the side effects sound typical. If they get too bothersome, you can always ask your doc for something to help you short term with them, like xanax, ativan, or klonopin. I hope this helps you some. ... (2 replies)
... You could speak to your doctor about taking a benzodiazepine tranquiliser (Valium, Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin) for a couple of weeks while waiting for the Celexa to kick in. There is no risk of dependence in a 2 week course, and they can make life a lot more bearable while you wait for the celexa to do its stuff. You could either take them every day for a coule of weeks, or,... (5 replies)
... We arnt tired of you himmlover, we just want to see you better - all of us know how disabeling anxiety and panic attacks can be. You not only have the panic attacks them selves, but the anxiety about when the next panic attack might occur. I'd speak to your doctor over the phone today, see if he can call in a script for a short course of a trqanquilser such as valium,... (7 replies)
How should I feel?
Jan 23, 2010
... I've been on xanax and klonopin, recently the new psychiatrist put me on 2 mg at night and whenever necessary as the previous one put me on .5 mg. ... (0 replies)
... ask your dr about klonopin.....I am on .5mg a day...been on it for 2 months helps and is not as addictive as ativan, xanax, or valium.... ... (5 replies)

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