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... I am so confused about all of this now....wondering why he wants me to taper off the Xanax, while on the Klonopin? ... (19 replies)
... IMO the best way to taper of xanax is to switch to klonopin. You can drop the xanax immediately because the klonopin is also a benzo, so you will not go into withdrawl. ... (19 replies)
... for panic attacks, but I'm afraid to try it. ... (12 replies)

... T. I also put myself in that situation. Some days the anxiety just never eased up, so I'd take two more than I should or whatever it took until I went to sleep for the night. Sometimes to save on the xanax, I'd take some Tylenol PM to try to knock myself out so the anxiety would end. ... (21 replies)
Xanax XR
Mar 13, 2005
... If you are suggesting that you break up the Xanax XR, well, as soon as you do it it becomes regular Xanax. The time released aspect is in the coating. ... (10 replies)
... taper the xanax as you slowly startup the klonopin.... ... (10 replies)
... rvous when about taking it in the first place because of all I had heard about addiction. I will, however, take your advice and not go over 4 mg a day. I'm going to speak to my doctor about other options as well. ... (15 replies)
... Long term usage would be Klonopin but I have been on xanax for years on a constant dosage. The general rule is 1mg to 3mg for anxiety and 4mg and up for panic attack. One thing is, you can't take this medication as needed. ... (15 replies)
Klonopin daily?
Apr 30, 2010
... I have to majorly disagree. for what its worth I was on nothing but a low dose of celexa when I stopped Xanax. I would much rather take klonopin daily and be able to function than be like I have been off of it. ... (8 replies)
... Bah, no dice. Same guy, couldn't really tell me any useful information, and was apparently too busy to look it up... so I did. ... (10 replies)
... instead. You won't have to take it as often and it lasts longer in the body. ... (9 replies)
... Just to respond to your earlier question about experience with Klonopin and Xanax. I don't have any with Klonopin, but I have a good amount of experience with Xanax. ... (8 replies)
... I am wondering how it is that some doc's will prescribe xanax on a long term basis, as in your case, and others just want it short term and put you on an AD? ... (15 replies)
... I am currently on a cocktail of antidepressants for my depression and have been on Klonopin for 5 yrs. Doses changing every now and them depending on how I'm doing. ... (0 replies)
Jan 21, 2012
... I was always taking klonopin and now am on xanax. I just started this. When I took it, it made me really weird. Not relaxed, but my eyes were tired, but I was trembling. ... (1 replies)
... It sounds like you have your hands full. Situations like yours are usually what causes my worst anxieties. I currently take Zoloft 100 mg and klonopin as needed. Personally, I think that other benzos such as xanax or ativan work much better for calming your nerves, if you doctor will prescribe them. ... (11 replies)
... and put me on Klonopin. I use it because I get anxious when I try to sleep. Anyways, I've noticed a few times since I started the drug that my heartbeat is irregular. ... (8 replies)
... No the only side effect i get from klonopin is drowsiness about 4 hours after taking it. Which of course since i take it at 8pm, midnight could be the cause that i need sleep lol. ... (18 replies)
... Because I am emotionally a mess teh Xanax seems to help quicker for me then the Klonopin...I think I will just spread the .5 mg out 4x a day. I took .5 Klonopin yesterday instead but was not feeling the effects that quickly. ... (10 replies)
... Just wondering if anyone has had luck with Xanax XR for General Anxiety Disorder and panic attacks. If so, how often do you take it, how fast does it work and how many mg? ... (3 replies)

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