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... for years, I got a new pdr. and he decided to take me off the Xanax and put me on Klonopin instead. I am not really sure why other than he said "he likes Klopopin better" and doesn't feel it is as addictive. ... (17 replies)
... Klonopin worked wonderfully for me I took .5 mg in the am and .5mg at night for about 2 years .....I was pretty anxiety ridden when I took the first pill and about 15 mins later ..I felt great just like before anxiety disorder. ... (4 replies)
... The small dosage worked great for me I had no problems sleeping I was usualy tired almost all of the time.I also started taking an anti depressant along with...maybe that would helpful to you? ... (2 replies)

Aug 24, 2005
... yeah i used to take klonopin twice a day in the am and just before bed it was on 0. ... (2 replies)
... It worked great for me. I had not problems with it. I took Xanax when needed, but I hardly ever needed it. ... (11 replies)
... I've been dealing with it off and on for 7 years. ... (1 replies)
... I took klonopin for two years at .5 mg twice a day.Klonopin was a wonder drug for me.About 15 to 20 minutes after taking that first pill I could tell a major difference my anxiety went from very high to none at all. ... (15 replies)
... Hi everyone. My doctor recently put me on klonopin 0. ... (8 replies)
... Sometimes it takes trying a few ,and you have to give them a good chance,before you find which works for you.When I was taking medication some worked great,some not so great,and some not at all,and even some made me feel worse because of side effects. ... (13 replies)
... I only took Klonopin for a short time....even at the smallest dose it was just to much for me...I couldn't function I felt like a zombie. ... (5 replies)
... Either way..I took ativan as an as needed basis. Up to 3 times a day. I usually only needed it twice. I am prescribed the klonopin .5 mg in the a.m. and 1 mg before bed. I have only been taking .25 in the a.m. and .5 before bed because of the depression I am having from it. ... (16 replies)
... Paxil worked great for me too for 2 years I took it.I did feel tired alot but I was also taking klonopin.The withdrawl getting off was well hellish for me but yeah it worked.I only stopped taking Paxil because I wanted to try being med free. ... (7 replies)
... I've been suffering terrible anxiety for three months now. I started lexapro about 7 weeks ago and I'm finding it to not be of much benefit. ... (3 replies)
... Lylone has some awesome suggestions. The only thing I would add is for exercise, focus a lot on aerobic exercise, but mix in the occasional weight-lifting exercise to strengthen your muscles. In terms of exercise, I've noticed that swimming and yoga are great. If you can find a yoga class that's focused on relaxation and meditation (hatha (sp?) yoga worked great for me) -... (4 replies)
... It took me a few weeks for this medication to start working. Give it time. Make sure get some exercise and take your vitamins. And use your klonopin! ... (17 replies)
... and my Dr said he is perfectly fine with the idea of me taking this everyday for the rest of my life. He thinks that benzos are safe and very beneficial as long as they are not misused. ... (10 replies)
... well my weekend pretty much sucked lol just stressful but thanks for asking and im glad yours went good for the most part. ... (6 replies)
... and it worked great for me no side effects at all and weaning off was a breeze.I took 25mg.I have taken klonopin with Zoloft and I never had the dizziness or stomach upset.Although,some people will have side effects it depends on the person. ... (3 replies)
... nal depression as well. I've always been very shy, quite, and uncomfortable in any public or social situation. I've gotten much better while in college made some great strides, but still very uncomfortable. ... (7 replies)
... I am going to the psychiatrist tonight. I have been on klonopin .25mg at bedtime for one month. During this month my anxiety has significantly increased. I do not know if that is related to the klonopin or not. ... (8 replies)

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