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... I also have a pain in my upper left quads and groin area that has been checked but still no diagnosis for the pain yet. The twitching progressed to my butt, left arm, then moved to the right side of my body and now everywhere... all over a span of several months. ... (8 replies)
... Hello, I am new to these boards. I have had funny sensations in my leg for the past several months as well. And worrying about it so much has brought on much of my anxiety. ... (3 replies)
... before when I hadn't done anything out of the ordinary, I had experienced extreme chest pain and a sense of panic late at night, along with an odd feeling in my left leg. ... (8 replies)

... it sounds like a nerve problem but the EMG showed my nerves in my leg are ok. The constant pain and twitching may be caused by a compressed nerve in my lower back or some type of herniated disk. I am not sure. ... (30 replies)
... Back in February, I was having sensation on the left top of my head that worsened to sharp pains if I was tense or stressed. I went to see a nuerologist, and he ordered a brain MRI. ... (4 replies)
... The other night my muscles in my leg began twitching then in my left arm. Its not stopped on and off again for 3 days now. Anyhow I freaked out because my cousin died from MS and iam constantly thinking I have it now. ... (3 replies)
Health Anxiety
Oct 1, 2015
... This was not my reality. I started dealing with a muscle twinge near my left eye that didn't go away for months, when it finally passed I had already been to quest diagnostics for labs of my own. Convinced MS was the culprit. ... (8 replies)
... results came back good. But I have the pains mostly when I am sitting down or laying down. When I am walking I don't feel them. They come and go one is on my left knee and it is sharp stabbing pain and the other is in my right leg one pain is on the side of my calf and the other is up by my hip sort of. ... (5 replies)
Health Anxiety
Sep 27, 2015
... I know you're scared. I have health anxiety as well. I still Google everything, and it makes everything worse. I am now being treated for anxiety and hoping that will stop my behavior. Maybe talk to a counselor before putting yourself through a bunch of tests, which only worsens anxiety. I never thought I would need meds or counseling for my anxiety, but you can't be afraid... (8 replies)
Health Anxiety
Sep 26, 2015
... section done and run blood tests, everything looked good. The next day I noticed twitching in my side, right at my ribs and in my neck. It soon migrated to my feet, my calves, my eye, my mouth, my nose, my arms... everywhere. ... (8 replies)
... felt like my low body was not attached to me. On Tuesday morning, I awoke at around 6 am to go to the toilet. I went back to sleep and after waking up again, my left leg was completely numb. I shook it vigorously and then had that tingly feeling as all the blood rushed around my leg. ... (3 replies)
... was twitching to the extent that it was giving me a very dull pain, but it was also making my lower leg move just a little bit. ... (3 replies)
... having a gf sometimes i would just feel tired from feeling like a loser and my body would ache. the first thing i found about was ms. i constantly thought about twitching and muscle fatigue and was so scared. i thought about ti so much i literally did not sleep for a week, i would lay down and have panic attacks thinking about ms. ... (2 replies)
... About three weeks ago I had a simple cold. A few days after, I started to experience a pain in my left chest that extended into my neck, shoulder, side, below my rib cage and arm. It was sharp and painful yet dull at the same time. ... (2 replies)
... HI all! I'm new to this board and looking for answers. The day before Thanksgiving I started experiencing tingling, numbness in my left hand. By the next day it was up to my shoulder and into my right arm. The next day it was all over, random including my stomach and legs. ... (3 replies)
... Hi everyone. I am new to this board but hoping I can find some answers. For several months now, I have been having some issues that are being blamed on stress and Anxiety attacks. I'll try to give as much info but keep it short, too because there are several different issues. Palpitations (starting at age 13 after diagnosis of Rheumatic fever);... (0 replies)
... pains that occur near my armpit on my right side that leave me short of breath for about a second or so. Finally, there are times when the muscles in my arm and leg start twitching visibly. ... (1 replies)
... nly this past wk i suddenly got a vibrating feeling inside my body which really freaked me also getting slight muscle spasms and twitching...mainly in my left arm and leg. ... (8 replies)
... pain in my left groin and leg, especially when I sit down. I've had numerous tests all normal. So my doctor thinks it's anxiety. ... (27 replies)

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