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Lexapro 5 Weeks
Nov 7, 2012
... I've been on Lexapro(10mg) 5 weeks this Thursday and while most of the initial side effects have worn off, I am still experiencing symptoms of anxiety. I was put on this med due to the physical symptoms of anxiety that I was feeling. Tight Chest/Head Pressure, Dizziness etc. I have noticed a slight improvement to my mood, but very little in the way of relief of these symptoms.... (2 replies)
... I have been on Lexapro for 5 weeks now and still don't have much of an appetite. I take 5 ML and many people on this board have suggested that I take 10 ML, however, I am concerned about having even more loss of appetite with upping the dose. ... (6 replies)
... I've been on Lexapro before and I remember by this time, I wasn't really experiencing any anxiety. It's already been over 5 weeks and I'm thinking that I shouldn't still have to be supplementing with my xanax. I'm taking up to 1 mg a day still. Has anyone experienced this? ... (0 replies)

Lexapro 5 Weeks
Nov 7, 2012
... In general SSRIs take 4-8 weeks to work fully....You might want to try waiting a little longer or maybe talk to your doctor about increasing the amount....If that still does not work it may just not be the right med for you. (2 replies)
... xiety after two months. I tried to bump back to 20 mg but couldn't handle the increased anxiety it caused so I adjusted to the 10 mg for a few months, like about 5 months. I also started 7. ... (6 replies)
... I have been on 10mg lexapro for the previous 5 weeks, it hasn't helped much. I'm interested in giving 5htp a go as I have had success in the past.. ... (0 replies)
... I been down this road before so I asked my Doctor for lexapro because I heard it has less sideeffects. Ive taken Effexor and Zoloft in the past and no matter what all of them dip my heart rate below 60. ... (0 replies)
... I'm on 5 weeks of lexapro and still have waves of panic and anxiety. ... (4 replies)
... I was prescribed 5mg of Lexapro almost two months ago..I am three days away from finishing my second month..The first two weeks were not great and I got through them with the help of taking Ativan .5 mg here and there..I have not taken and ativan in the past 6 weeks or so. ... (10 replies)
... o. I experienced my first attack of depression and was prescribed Zoloft by a child psychiatrist. I didn't really know what to expect, and for a few weeks after starting the medicine, I couldn't feel its effect at all. ... (8 replies)
... i have been on lexapro for like 5 weeks now.the first 2 weeks i had no side effects at all,but at the 2 week mark it hit me hard!!! my anxiety was so bad i had to come stay at my mom's house.. ... (7 replies)
Lexapro concern
Jun 23, 2011
... Hi everyone....I'm new to these boards. I have anxiety and am 47. I know anxiety sometimes goes with this "age" I'm my doc put me on Lexapro 5 mg. I've been on it 3 weeks now. My nervousness has decreased alot and my anxiety generally seems better. ... (9 replies)
... Im on my 18th day of Lexapro 10 mg's.I don't think Lexapro makes people gain weight,just my opinion.I have actually lost a little weight since taking it. ... (26 replies)
... panic really hasn't surfaced in the 5 weeks iv'e taken it. ya everyone is different I still think starting out on Lexapro should be 5mg and work your way up from there I just wish everyone on it the best o luck! ... (7 replies)
... years ago and went to a treatment clinic. when I first started Lexapro, I had weird scary moments and felt like I was in a daze. It took a few weeks but it went away after awhile. ... (3 replies)
... I've been on Lexapro for about 5 weeks now. I did have a little break in period, some nausea like you. I noticed it helped my depression after about three weeks. Was taking 10 mg a day. ... (9 replies)
... My doctor suggested going on 20mg of Lexapro next week if i dont see any difference. ... (13 replies)
... Hello, I'm new to this board, but I wanted to findout if anyone has been successful with Lexapro. I've been taking Lexapro for about 5 weeks and I'm now up to 20mg, which I take at night because it makes me sleepy. I was diagnosed with GAD and depression in Oct. 2002 and it has been a long journey. ... (2 replies)
Mar 28, 2014
... Mary, I've been on Lexapro as well. Sorry to hear that you're having a rough go of it. When I went on Lexapro a few years back, it takes every bit of 5 weeks to have a positive effect on me. I call week one "hell week" because the symptoms are horrible. ... (2 replies)
... I gave it 5 weeks and the side effects continued to be as bad for me as they were the 1st day. It just doesn't work with everyone. ... (10 replies)

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