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... does it help with anyone on adhd symptons annyy? ... (2 replies)
... lexapro is one of many prozac type antidepressant meds these are all very helpful if you can get 1 to work for you, you may be lucky first time or may need to try several they stop anxiety and panic attacks and sometimes depression they all need to be taken daily and take about 2 to 6 weeks to cut in and start working properly lexapro is a new improved version of... (2 replies)
... Hello. I am taking Lexapro, and so far its doing great for social anxiety. I am also taking wellbutrin along with it for the depression. It took awhile for the lexapro to kick in, but don't give up. ... (2 replies)

... And finally the ADHD aspect. Back when I was in school, I would do great if I was actually interested in the material at hand. ... (3 replies)
... I tried Lexapro recently and I'm ADHD, and I felt like I was hyper awake and on 4 cups of coffee, and I'd all ready had trouble sleeping and was on Ambian for months, and knew it was going to keep me up in a way I wasn't trying to use it. I also felt like i had ben gay all over my chest, arms and legs quickly after trying it, and then they say you can get voices in your head,... (11 replies)
... this is even more true if you just began treating the ADHD as well. I try to imagine that the Xanax is training my brain the proper thought processes when I get exposed to my anxiety triggers. ... (8 replies)
... Thank you for all your responses. A little about my background...I was put in spec ed in kinder, was the one put in the corner, never been organized, aways cried over b's and c's because I wanted to do better. I have always had a hard time with reading, spelling and writing. I never used to finish anything. I would just start a bunch of different things. I have always had... (8 replies)
... I have just started on effexor, and it is only 3 days but I can feel a slight difference. I was on Lexapro but it did not do anything for me. ... (2 replies)
... have been on cymbalta for one week. I suffer from depression, anxiety and adhd. Was on Lexapro, made my anxiety worse. Doc put me on adderall last week for the adhd and my anxiety was ten times worse. Hoping this new anti depressant, cymbalta, will do what Doc says. Suppose to work with anxiety and depression. ... (3 replies)
... hat caused my mother to take me off of Paxil. This long winded back story is just me trying to explain my past with medications. I am now 24 and am on 10 mg of lexapro and take .5 clonazapam daily. ... (2 replies)
Feelin' Groovy
Jul 20, 2011
... mg of Seroquel at bedtime. I'm still brain buzzing from withdrawals from the Cymbalta but I can handle that. I went through the same thing when coming off of Lexapro a few years back. What my problem is right now is the restlessness. ... (0 replies)
... I have been on three different anti-depressants for anxiety; Effexor, Lexapro, Prozac and they all gave me sexual side effects.:eek: I gave them all several months to see if it would change and no luck. I started Wellbutrin xl yesterday and hope this works. I have been having many dizzy spells lately.?. prior to the med. change. If this does not work for me then we are... (4 replies)
Please help
Dec 1, 2006
... ADHD impulsive type. I am currently taking Lexapro which helps a little although for the past year my phychatrist has been prescribing me 2mg of Xanax per day. ... (1 replies)
... i dont know where else to post this but i am having terrible anxiety because of my symptoms and have anxiety disorders (OCD) and social anxiety. I have OCD and have suffered from depersionalization / derealization for many years. I also might have aspergers or ADHD (not sure which no one seems to know). I have started to have an.... anxiety / depression type episode... (0 replies)
Xanax & Adderall
Mar 1, 2006
... A definate side effect of amphetamine. Even if you didn't have anxiety before, side effects can sometimes be culmative (occuring after years after being on a drug). Xanax will only be a short term solution. Besides dependancy on a benzo, there is the problem of possible tolerance, and in benzo's case a possibility of tolerance withdrawals(withdrawal symptoms while still on the... (2 replies)
Xanax & Adderall
Feb 28, 2006
... I have long since been on Adderall for ADHD and it has helped greatly. ... (2 replies)
... My, husband, 12 year old with ADHD and a 3 year old. Hot and had to drink LOTS of water. The anxiety has been in check for quite a while thanks to low doses of Lexapro and Xanax in my purse for emergencies. So, we get to MGM studios where my son wants to ride the 'Tower of Terror. ... (7 replies)

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