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... I cant understand docs thinking as lexapro and prozac are the same type of med, SSRI antidepressants, both can help for anxiety and depression lexapro can tale 6 or more weeks to work properly, also the dose may need to be upped, ask doc the question of these meds and pregnancy is controversial but many women do take them with studys showing no problems, although babies... (7 replies)
... I have been there too. It WILL get better for you. I was allergic to the Effexor also, I had hives and out of breath and sweating. It was horrible. I am now on Lexapro 30mg's in the morning. To me it was a god send. I am now what I call normal! These meds to NOT work over night. ... (3 replies)
Anyone on lexapro?
Sep 30, 2004
... Yep, been on Lexapro for 5 going on 6 months. ... (8 replies)

... The dizziness began 2 weeks AFTER I went off the Lexapro and has stayed with me for 6 months. I also did get a virus about a week after going off lex, which lasted a month, and the ENT said it went into inner ear and I have Labs or VN. ... (12 replies)
... I too suffered from insomnia phobia. At one point, I couldn't sleep for 11 consecutive days until I was referred to a psychiatrist and she started me on Lexapro 10mg along with Klonopin .50mg. That was my secret of getting back to my normal self. It was the anxiety that was keeping my mind so alert. ... (3 replies)
... I FINALLY went to a doc after a trip to the ER at 330am in the morning when my airways closed up for approx 30 seconds and i woke up gasping for air. ... (0 replies)
Is This Anxiety???
Oct 16, 2008
... I was 27 and going balistic! I'm 45 now so I have been dealing with this on and off for almost 18 years! I'm praying the Lexapro will kick in soon. ... (7 replies)
... weeks. I am just so scared of the awful withdrawal effects I read about. I know lexapro is great for anxiety also. I've taken it before, but every time I try to start it back up, I get itching and hives. ... (16 replies)
Lexapro, how long?
Oct 15, 2005
... sara i am taking lexapro tommorrow morning and i hear it can b ad at first and get better as it goes after like 2 weeks i hear i would give it at least 6 more days hun, seriously causev im gonna try also it might start to help........... ... (5 replies)
... My DH "switched" from Paxil to Lexapro 6 weeks ago. He didn't have time to taper, so his pdoc recommended this approach. He had a rough couple of days, but after that things seemed fine. Now all of a sudden he has been getting headaches for the last week and has felt "panicky" for the past two days. ... (4 replies)
Anxiety or Tumor?
Nov 22, 2013
... I have had anxiety all of my life. I remember my parents taking me to the hospital at 5 because I had an extreem fast paced heartbeat. After a few more visits and some tests the doctors concluded that I had anxiety. ... (1 replies)
... jittery, etc. I was able to fly to TX with the kids to welcome husband home. We all came back here, I had a few decent days, but after 5 weeks total, nothing great, still thinking about it all the time. ... (0 replies)
... I have had bouts of depression and at 16 I was started on Paxil that I believe changed my life. It made me so happy and my psychiatrist thought I was a bit manic after a year and half on it, so he started switching me around. During that year I was on Paxil, I had my first legitimate panic attack. ... (1 replies)
... just over 4 weeks ago. I was on it for about a year. I took it for anxiety, which i found out later was caused by sleep apnea. ... (0 replies)
... t down my throat and then if I do I freak out imaging all the bad things it is doing to me. For xanax first I thought it was causing my throat to swell and then after I got past that fear after a day or two I feel like it was making my heart pound about 15 minutes after I took it and I was in a cold sweat. ... (7 replies)
... One bad thing was no matter how tired I was I would go to bed and soon after would get panic and would be wide awake for hours again. ... (7 replies)
... after 4 weeks feeling great again. This time I stay on it for two years!!!! Back last Dec. ... (7 replies)
... lexa. It was a miracle drug for me! I went 8 years with no anxiety or depression, until this past july, when I had a huge panic attack while driving to the lake. After upping my med to 30mg for 2 weeks, my doctor said to switch. So we switched to zoloft, which made me feel worse, or at least I think it did! ... (5 replies)
... did the trick for her. Another lady, who's now been on Lexapro for over 6 weeks told me she was STILL suffering from bad anxiety. ... (14 replies)
Zoloft users
Sep 7, 2005
... If after 4 weeks you don't feel anything then I would speak to your Dr. ... (12 replies)

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