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... st as I was put on Prozac, could not tolerate, then Remeron which seemed to work at the exepnse of big time weight gain and loss of sexual appetite all together. After 6 months and wanting to be less heavy and have sexual feelings, I was put on Serzone which when we found the right dosage did the trick, for 6 years. ... (3 replies)
What do you think?
Sep 21, 2005
... Hi sarah, welcome to our world. I know how hard it can be to try to overcome the fear of the SSRI...I am on my fourth round of zoloft & have had every side effect imaginable. I will say this though ....the last three times I went on it after 4-6 weeks I was so happy I did it. It really gave me my life back. But during those first few weeks I thought I would just about drop... (11 replies)
MY STORY, help
Jun 4, 2004
... psychotherapist. I took Xanax and still was freaking out. My therapist told me I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Ok. Finally after two weeks or so, I accepted that and it made me feel real good. Besides all of the above, I also was diagnosed with perimenopause. ... (3 replies)

Bad anxiety
Jan 20, 2011
... routine... It may take a little adjusting to. I've not had issues with anxiety either till a few weeks ago and wow did it get bad. Mine also would happen in mornings. I started lexapro 5mg 6 days ago and am feeling pretty good. ... (2 replies)
Aug 9, 2008
... Ive been taking lexapro 10mg for almost three weeks now, and Ive been feeling like I need to take a deep breath all the time but I know im breathing normal. ... (1 replies)
... or xanax the first few weeks until the zoloft kicked in....this time I still am taking the clonzapam since October 2005. ... (22 replies)
Aug 4, 2016
... Despite all the people complaining about Paxil, I found it to be a lifesaver. After having no luck with Luvox or Prozac or Anafranil, I found relief with Paxil for my anxiety and OCD. That was 20 years ago. ... (10 replies)
... I've been taking Lexapro for 12 days now after going to a psychiatrist. Also I have been speaking with a counselor, almost weekly, for the past 6 weeks. Is this ever going to get better? ... (0 replies)
... I am in the process of coming off of Celexa after been on it for September. I started last week went to 20mg from 30mg and starteing yesterday I went to 10mg. ... (16 replies)
... was the lexapro working? ... (3 replies)
... then 10mg of Lexapro along with 0.5mg Ativan for breakthrough panic etc. I had never experienced a panic attack until I started taking the Lexapro. ... (2 replies)
... We gave Zoloft and Lexapro a full three months before bailing on each. ... (4 replies)
... I was diagnosed with panic disorder, anxiety, and depression 6 years ago after my mom passed away. My doctor put me on Lexapro which I was taking up until October when we decided that it was time for me to come off of it. ... (5 replies)
... and I started doing something about it. I have always had what I refer to as a very active digestive system. I quite often have go use the restroom immediately after eating. ... (2 replies)
... I have tried to remove those things from my life when this all started years ago, and 6 months later I was none the better. ... (2 replies)
... Sound like you could be experiencing your panic returning. I have been going thru alot of the same where I took Celexa 2.5 mg for 4 years...........Loved it while it worked.I am still in such horrible turmoil trying to find something that works. Right now I am on day 4 of 1 mg of Lexapro. 10mg of Lexapro is equal to 40 mg of Celexa(if I remember right) so it is very potent. I... (4 replies)
... I started out on 25mg Zoloft also. After a week I increased it to 50mg and stayed there or a month or so. My anxiety increased a lot and I could not sleep at night. I had to take Torazadone for sleep. ... (3 replies)
... just sprung out of the blue. He almost died and they had to shock him 3 times to bring hime back. Well exactly 6 yrs later he had a cardiact cath, they ballooned a blockage but did not put a stent in becuse he didn't think it was neccessary. ... (7 replies)
... another medicine. It's a hard call, because there ARE GOING to be side effects no matter what... it just depends on if you think you can live with them for two weeks or so. For me, I was started out on Lexapro and after three days was absolutely unable to take anymore. ... (12 replies)
... ted but my anxiety has been throught the roof. Beginning of the year I've was put on 10mg of Lexapro. The first 40 days I started to feel better but the past 3 weeks I'm no better then I was 6 months ago. My Choresterol and Blood Pressure are both high but Doctors said it probably due to my Thyriod. ... (5 replies)

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