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... I've been on Lexapro for nearly 3 weeks. I am beginning to feel the benefits as I haven't had a bad panic attack lately and my anxiety is a little more tolerable. ... (6 replies)
... nathan i have given up on all SSRI's. everyone i have taken i have had bad side effects to. the lexapro got rid of the night sweats and i had no bad side effects monday,tuesday and most of wednsday. ... (6 replies)
... i stopped my lexapro today after only taking it 4 days. ... (6 replies)

... or constipation is a side effect. ... (6 replies)
... I take Lexapro also. After a few weeks, I was constipated too. Just some. ... (6 replies)
Lexapro, and OMG.
Jun 20, 2010
... However, if I ever take Lexapro again, I would probably start on 5 mg. ... (15 replies)
... This past summer I tried cymbalta after taking Lexapro and cymbalta worked much better for the social anxiety BUT it caused constipation. Then I read books by Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. ... (4 replies)
... I've been on Lexapro 10mg and later 20mg for about 6 months now. At first I have severe fatigue and cloudiness, constipation and nausea. After about 2 weeks these started to go away. I never really noticed anything with my throat but I have reflux so that could be why. ... (4 replies)
... I am coming up on week 3 for Lexapro. At first it made me sleepy and now it makes me hyper. I had big problems with constipation but that has subsided the last few days. It is helping with depression though and the least side effects that I have had with an SSRI. ... (17 replies)
Lexapro Questions
Jan 29, 2010
... Actually, lexapro has many sides effect. ... (3 replies)
... hey michelle... my dr. acted like i would be on atenolol for life, but then his nurse practitioner acted like if i thought i was ready to get off of it i could when i wanted. she reassured me that atenolol is a very safe drug to be on long time, meaning that it did not cause long term problems. as far as the ibs i have tried zelnorm, i had seen commercials on t.v. for it. it... (11 replies)
... janart, bushleager, Has either of you tried the tricyclics (amytriptiline, desipramine, etc.)? They have some unpleasant side effects at first (dry mouth, constipation, low blood pressure upon getting up), but these are fairly easily dealt with (chew ice/drink water, fiber, don't get up so quickly) ... I nearly bailed the first week, but the effects seeem to be leveling out... (16 replies)
... See, I'm not sure. From what I've heard from most people is that these kind of side effects do go away once your body has time to adjust to them. So I'm hoping that the case here. (6 replies)
... But isn't it known that for the first couple weeks that the symptoms are pronounced in all ssris?? (6 replies)
... I gained weight on effexor, I also gained weight from many other anti-depressants. Everyone is different, you may not gain weight on anti-depressants but many people do. Effexor's Typical Side Effects: headache, nausea, dry mouth, sweating, sleepiness or insomnia, and diarrhea or constipation, weight gain, loss of libido and a host of other sexual dysfunctions. Most... (7 replies)
... My stomach issues recently have been getting the best of me. I started having stool changes, constipation and diarrhea. Pretty much an anxiety sufferers worst nightmare. ... (2 replies)
... related. Not wanting to bring any more symptoms into the mix due to the side effects, I elect not to take the Lexapro for awhile. ... (5 replies)
... I am just starting cymbalta...30mg and wondering if anyone out there has any experience with this med? I was on lexapro 10mg for about 9-10mths and went off bc of weight gain and constipation. I had Horrible start up issues with that! If you are on is it working for you? Did you have any start up effects? If so how long did they last? Any words of wisdom... (0 replies)
Hi Everyone
Sep 12, 2005
... hi I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder 12 years ago.I fainted with seizure activity and then loads of physical anxiety symptoms followed for an entire year it was daily.I was tested for all kind of things everything comming out normal,during all this I thought I had a brain tumor and obsessed over this.I was borderline agoraphobic.Finaly I just started taking... (23 replies)
Effexor - XR
Jul 27, 2003
... Hi mdla,i've been on effexor xr for about a month now w/lexapro,dr changed my meds from weight gain but headaches and constipation,so i'm taking a fiber drink.the headaches have subsided.give it a while and if you're still having problems call your dr.i've have the lack of concentration for years,i'm also on pain meds.sounds like you have a few of the side effects... (11 replies)

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