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Week 3 on Lexapro
Jul 21, 2005
... I'm a male 5' 10",, used to be 185 but since I suffered with all this GAD due to a hearing loss problem beginning of Feb. ... (12 replies)
... I've had a problem I listed a few times over the past five months. It started last February, with no prior illness or warning I was struck with Sudden Hearing Loss! This immediately sent me into a panic and high state of Anxiety. ... (1 replies)
Lexapro Experience
Sep 15, 2008
... I've had GAD for about 5 years now. I first succesfully managed it with Klonopin and Paxil, which I took for about 2 years. I then weaned off both after feeling like I had my life back again. ... (4 replies)

... sudden hearing loss in my right ear. Without going into all the details, my ENT said it was due to a viral infection on the auditory nerve. MRI showed no tumors. Two months later an Otorologist said since it happened in a split second, he felt it was more like a broken blood vessel or membraine. ... (1 replies)
Any Lexapro Users?
Aug 21, 2011
... I am on day 4. I took this before, for 4 years, and then stopped in March because I felt good enough. Lots of physical problems happening, so I started back up 4 days ago, on a little less than 5mg, but I am having SEVERE anxiety with this, and I don't know if it's the medicine, or the stress in my life. ... (2 replies)
... a few days ago and I feel horrible! Should I stop? ... (6 replies)
... Started 2.5 mg. Lexapro 2 days ago for gad. It is working fantastic for my anxiety. But these side effect are horrendous. They are so bad that I want to cry but can't. I might have slept ten minutes last night due to adrenalin rushes with absolutely no cause. I wanted to nap today if wasn't. ... (5 replies)
... t I waited so long to go see my doctor because my parents always think my problems are anxiety since I had bad panic attacks in 11th grade and was medicated with lexapro and then went off it the following summer and until now I haven't had any problems containing my stress or anxiety. ... (4 replies)
I am new :)
Jul 21, 2006
... I read your story and I really feel for you because I have suffered like you are now, but the reason I wanted to respond was because I am recovered and have been a recovered hypochondriac and have been this way for 3 years. I thought perhaps I would share my story with you. ... (4 replies)
... e and its not helping my anxiety so I want to find something to help me with this. My trouble is after 8pm. The kids are in bed, hubby is tired and falls alseep watching tv and I panic. ... (3 replies)
SSRI Withdrawal
May 10, 2007
... Well, I had been taking Paxil for 6.5 yr. and it just suddenly stopped working. My doc changed me to Lexapro, and told me to just stop the Paxil and start the Lex. ... (11 replies)
... I think it just hit me like a hammer to the head. I'm so afraid of everything, and I mean everything. I have been thinking of trying to find a psychiatrist who can help me, but then I started thinking of one who could specialize in my fears. ... (5 replies)
... I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and I've been taking Lexapro for about 12 weeks now. It's amazing how much better I feel now, and it makes me realize just how bad I'd felt for the whole previous year. I wasted so much time feeling awful! ... (2 replies)
... worked very well, UNTIL I hit the menopause! ... (4 replies)
A couple questions
Jul 15, 2012
... Hi guys , I know you probably have people join and instantly asking questions.. ... (2 replies)
... anxiety about 13 years ago. Thought for sure I had heart trouble. ... (1 replies)
... Recently I tried Lexapro, and stopped after 3 days. ... (8 replies)
... This may sound confusing, but I hope you can understand what I mean. ... (1 replies)
... e and have read through the anxiety board quite extensively. I'm a 33 year old father of 2 young children and have never had any really issues with anxiety that I know of. Yes, I've always had tendency to over analyze stuff but for the most part I could just shrug it off. ... (4 replies)
Tired of anxiety
May 12, 2006
... I am 23 years old and have experienced anxiety pretty much as far back as I can remember. I remember being in 5th grade and never sleeping because of the costant fear that I had cancer. This has went on pretty much throughout my whole life... ... (6 replies)

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