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... This must be "new people on Lexapro week." I started today. 10mg. First time ever on an SSRI. ... (2 replies)
... I have been on Lexapro 40mg for almost 3 yrs. I was on Celexa 40mg until they weaned me to Lexapro, due to side effects, at 40mg. Since Lexapro was not offered in 40mg pills, they had me taking 2, 20mg a day, for my Anxiety. ... (6 replies)
... I am on day 18 of 10 mg of lexapro, as well as 1 mg of xanax extended release. I had very similar side effects starting out. ... (5 replies)

... I started on Lexapro 10mg back in March of this year. I am going through menopause and had gotten very depressed and anxious. ... (31 replies)
... sucks worse than having anxiety, in my opinion. It makes me feel inadequate and distant from my boyfriend. He feels inadequate, as well. The prescription for Lexapro is "Extreme Depressive Disorder". ... (16 replies)
Lexapro pals
Jun 6, 2004
... I am lucky that I really havent had too many side effects with the Lexapro so I am not sure. ... (34 replies)
... If you are talking about Lexapro, I have mainly had good effects from it. ... (14 replies)
... I have been on Lexapro too. The first two weeks I had diarherra, and then after that I was fine. It was good to me because I had already tried zoloft, celexa. Now I have been dx with bipolar and was put on Lamictal and I'm doing great. ... (5 replies)
... th it for eight days tnmom is right about how some of these meds do take a couple of weeks to get into our systems and sometimes we do have to go thru nasty side effects to get to the good effects. I can't really say I like why your doctor won't even speak to you. ... (26 replies)
... ng for you. You are the patient and you are paying the doc to help you find something that will work. I am new to the meds route too and had a terrible time with lexapro side effects. More anxiety! ... (4 replies)
... n on Lex since May and have encountered no problems. I am in perimenopuase so I do have to take anxiety meds sometimes during the course of the month. I take my Lexapro in the morning and feel like I have tons of energy from it. It is never a good idea to stop and start anti depressents. ... (9 replies)
... mean. I think it could take longer I am no expert but if this is a real important thing to u which it is for alot of us then u might want to try something else. Lexapro is a great one for alot of us but can definetly have some downfalls the sexual one is probaly the biggest one next to weight gain. ... (31 replies)
... I was just curious to see where you are on this.....I'm hoping I continue to have good success with Lexapro as I had a horrible experience with Paxil. Hope you're doing well..... ... (31 replies)
... Hi cloverdaze! I took lexapro once before and it worked great. I stopped it because I was afraid of weight gain..what a mistake! ... (5 replies)
... orgasm thing lead me to switch to Wellbutrin XL. It still works good, but not quite as good as Lexapro. I felt a bit calmer on it, I think. ... (31 replies)
... I agree with Alyce. My doc started me ar 2.5 for 10 days, then 5mg for 2 weeks, then 7.5mgs for two weeks, I am not there yet. dosage-wise. I was on Lamictal for 8 months, which did NOTHING for depression. Have been off of it a week tomorrow. I also take Klonopin 1/2mg when needed. Start the Lexapro SLOWLY, when it was first introduced on the market, the company said to... (9 replies)
... Hi, I startes 5mg of lexapro on monday, I did it for two days but couldn't sleep so I stopped for 2 days and talked to my psych, he wants me to continue it, in the 2 days I didn't take it I still couldn't sleep and have anxiety really bad also diarreah(sorry tmi). Does it take a while to get out of your system? I started taking it today again, it has worked for me in the past... (6 replies)
... starting to feel the good effects of this medication. I am noticeting less anxiety, and more relaxed. It takes different times for different people. ... (3 replies)
... Well it can be diff for diff people..I took Lexapro for about 6 months The only side effect I noticed was some lightheadedness off and on for about a week. ... (7 replies)
... I've taken Lexapro for a week now. I've noticed I feel calmer, and I cannot surpress my stressors anymore. It's weird. ... (31 replies)

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