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... ritten in a medical journal or articles written by medical researchers. And even then, it is not guaranteed not to be somewhat biased. Cipralex, Escitalopram and Lexapro are all exactly the same drug. People will argue to the end that Cipralex was a horrible drug for them and then say they loved Lexapro. ... (5 replies)
... Hello to you all. I don't think I have ever posted on the anxiety board, but from the way I feel, I should be the president of the board. Apparently, I have OCD worse than I had ever thought. Not just the counting and mild arranging. I had no idea these bad (sometimes horrible) thoughts could be OCD. Anyway, an errant thought last week must have triggered my nerves and... (4 replies)
... I was just about to post something similar. I am taking Lexapro 20mg for 8 weeks now and I felt better for about 2 weeks but now I am feeling awful again. I took it 4 years ago and it was a miracle cure for me. ... (4 replies)

... ffect people in different ways. I could be allergic and it sets off my anxiety and gives me nausea. I dont know if thats it though. I started gradually taking my lexapro at earlier times. That has definitely helped me with sleep. My nausea was almost non existent this morning. ... (7 replies)
... to help with mine. Buspar had only a few days of getting used to it. Lexapro not so much, but all SSRI's have horrible side effects for the first several weeks. ... (4 replies)
... nstantly dizzy and well thats becomeing alot better now. But i have developed an anxiety dissorder during this time. I have panic attacks and feel like something horrible is going to happen alot of time during the day. The feelings are hard to shake but i am getting better at controlling it. ... (2 replies)
... Hi! When I have horrible panic attacks and anxiety, my appetite goes poof! I too gained weight on Lexapro and that's why I stopped taking it recently. Now I am finding my anxiety back and needing something again. I thinking of trying Buspar again. ... (28 replies)
... ay there and wait for it to come in waves til it passes.. very uncomfortable.. i have been taking klonopin every few nights, which i NEVER do.. at least til the lexapro kicks in. i'm still doubtfu that the lexapro will take away all these horrible faint feelings.. anyway, that was a short question made long. ... (3 replies)
... eal with anxietty on my own... I learned on how to control it but sometimes it gets the better of me... Following a few months after that I started getting these horrible leg pains and I noticed I get them if I am stressed out or worried about something... ... (8 replies)
... i have suffered with BAD anxiety for about 7 comes and goes but mostly comes....i have a horrible fear of cancer and i can't shake it and probably never will shake it....every ache and pain i have i think it' guessed it....cancer...... ... (6 replies)
... and then I take the Klonopin at night at bed time to aid in sleep. I hope it does the trick. I think, maybe, not sure that the Lexapro is working. It might be too soon to tell. Only a week today. I just want my life back!!!! I tried prozac and Xanax XR in the past year. Prozac about did me in. ... (10 replies)
... i tried zoloft and it was horrible gave me hallucinations. tried lexapro and made anxiety worse and put me in hospital bvecause it did opposite of what it is suppossed to do. ... (6 replies)
... her. But I've never thrown up on a daily basis and would be concerned. Sounds like you've had every test you need to rule out physical problems. Our minds can do horrible things to our bodies, can't they? ... (6 replies)
... I am on Lexapro as well and it is amazing. I didnt realize how much my anxiety took over my life until I got on lexapro and started to feel "normal" again. ... (2 replies)
... pac for sinus , lexapro, and give me a few xanax.. since i have horrible anxiety in my past.. and i have panicked for the last week about this feeling. ... (5 replies)
... derealization probably since I was a teenager. I recently just started taking lexapro for the other anxiety problems, but I haven't noticed any difference with the derealization. The derealization is horrible. ... (4 replies)
... Like you, my recent problems started in June. I had a friend die a horrible death from breast cancer. ... (4 replies)
Aug 23, 2007
... Hi! I just figured out that Lexapro is similar to Celexa. I think Lexapro is a more recent version of the same drug.... I can only speak of my own experience of course, but as I said, Celexa is working for me. ... (25 replies)
Have you...
May 26, 2007
... I have had similar experiences with several of the meds.I know that Lexapro was one of them that caused hot flashes and horrible dreams for me.I also tried Cymbalta and it was worse that the Lexapro.I jerked awake everytime I fell asleep feeling like I was having a heart attack. ... (3 replies)
... GAD. My doc referred me to a nurse practitioner specializing in anxiety disorders and I was placed on .5mg Ativan and 20mg Lexapro and started in EMDR treatment. I got up to 40mg Lexapro before I had to stop taking it, as it made me so jittery I could hardly sit still. ... (1 replies)

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