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... and I really shouldn't be. There are a lot of people in this world who have it a lot worse than I do, but I cant help feeling this way. I cant think. Not that I cannot read or comprehend, but lately my mind just feels so blank, like I have no vision or dreams and Ive never felt that way before. I used to be able to think about my life down the road and that road seems so... (3 replies)
... Right now I take lexapro 10 mg day and clonazepam as needed. I have tried just about every antidepressant and anxiety medication, and lexapro seems to work the best for me. Still, I have major problems. ... (8 replies)
Dissassociation ?
Aug 13, 2006
... everyone on here. I get on here and read other posts and I don't feel as alone. I have a question about the detachment symptom. I have to say this is the most horrible one! I have it all day long. It is especially bad in the evenings. ... (5 replies)

... Hello, After reading many posts regarding anxiety, etc. I feel much more informed about my own health. I just wanted to reach out to others today! I was recently diagnosed (although I knew it months ago, but was afraid to reach out) with anxiety and have been prescribed Lexapro. Honestly, I was so scared to take the medicine (almost made anxiety worse) and the side effects... (4 replies)
Please help
Jul 27, 2006
... Why don't you ask your doc to give you a low dose Xanax or Klonopin to take in the interim until the Lexapro begins to help. ... (6 replies)
I am new :)
Jul 21, 2006
... s Disease. Despite any reassurance, I seriously believed for a few days that I was dying of that horrible disease. My anxiety waxed and waned throughout the next few months and in January it took a turn for the worse. ... (4 replies)
... needed. He prescribed a combo of daily Lexapro and Klonopin. As I don't feel I need to be on something every day,I took issue with this. ... (7 replies)
... I know what you mean Salty, I've been on Lexapro too. It somewhat worked for my depression, but made me kind of fatigued and gained weight. I am more depressed when I gain weight too. ... (7 replies)
... Well I take 10mg of Lexapro daily for about 4 months now and I havent wanted to kill anyone.. ... (3 replies)
... I just wanted to post and say thank you to everyone who was here to help me through the last two weeks. I started taking Lexapro 5mg's over two weeks ago and was having a horrible time. Increased anxiety, upset stomach, lightheadedness, dizziness, ect. ... (4 replies)
... on Wellbutrin XL and weaned off Lexapro. I did it too fast the first time, and I experienced flu like symptoms and felts horrible. I went back on a low dose of Lexapro and slowly weaned off and I did not experience it this time. I am having the brain zaps though. ... (2 replies)
Aug 12, 2005
... tell you my experience with Celexa, but keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to the same medication. Some may have good experiences, others might have horrible side effects. It all depends on your individual chemistry. ... (5 replies)
... after people have taken it. i don't take the klonopin on a daily basis unless i am in a crisis. maybe that's why i have had no side effects. i am starting 5mg of lexapro on monday and a little apprehensive since i also have bad side efffects to all of the other SSRI's i have taken. dr. feels such low doses of both drugs are safe. ... (15 replies)
... y very anxious. I eventually got it under control and felt fine until just recently when some health issues have made it return. These last few weeks have been horrible for me. Constant worry. I can't eat, sleep or be left alone. But, I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. ... (7 replies)
... ys kind of been anxious my whole life, but the panic and severe anxiety never set in until a couple months back. I've been diagnosed with OCD in the past, put on lexapro and xanax, lexapro didnt do much, but xanax did for the ocd. Recently I went to a new doc, he said I had ADD, which was causing the anxiety. ... (4 replies)
... To the comment about Lexapro helping you lose weight, that is incorrect. I am currently taking lexapro and I was advised before I went on it that it does cause weight in SOME people, not all. However, no where does it say weight loss. ... (27 replies)
... I wish lexapro worked for her, we may have to try it again but the first time we tried it she totally freaked out on 1 was horrible......... ... (4 replies)
... I just started taking Lexapro a month ago for a horrible General Anxiety Disorder I developed after a major traumatic physical condition that happened to me Six months ago! ... (14 replies)
... mg of lexapro. took it one day, got sick from it. stopped taking it. i guess you can say im in denial about having a mental disease. then i started cutting my lexapro in half and has little to no side effects. today i actually started taking the full pill. ... (9 replies)
... I am back on lexapro 5mg only about 6 days now though. But anyways I had a horrible headache last night I mean bad!!!! all I could think about it a stroke or a brain tumor or anyerism e.t.c. ... (2 replies)

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