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... I tried Lexapro for 3 days but personally didn't like how I felt on it.... ... (4 replies)
... after people have taken it. i don't take the klonopin on a daily basis unless i am in a crisis. maybe that's why i have had no side effects. i am starting 5mg of lexapro on monday and a little apprehensive since i also have bad side efffects to all of the other SSRI's i have taken. dr. feels such low doses of both drugs are safe. ... (15 replies)
... I've so far tried Paxil, Zoloft, and now Lexapro. I couldn't tolerate Paxil....the Zoloft did nothing after giving it a good 8 weeks....and the Lexapro has actually increased my overall anxiety level. I've been at 20mgs for 4 weeks now and the anxiety is bad. ... (1 replies)

... I have severe anxiety and just don't feel the cymbalta is working. I would like to hear again how the lexapro continues to do for you. Also, does it help with irritability? ... (5 replies)
... Reading your post reminded me of myself. I wanted to get of paxil 30m and my Dr. switched me to lexapro.... WOW what a mistake that was. I then was put on Zoloft 50m then 100m which didn't work out for me either. I'm back on paxil 12.5 now and praying it will work again. I agree you should be very carful with Xanax though. I have klonipin which is really the same thing as... (9 replies)
... years and had NO anxiety or painic. I went off it in December because it made agitated. Took Lexapro and hated it. Took nothing for about a month BUT the dizziness and withdrawls were horrible so I went back on Celexa. Now it does not touch my anxiety. ... (7 replies)
Combining Meds??!!
Jun 14, 2018
... f control!! I live with chest pains and feel out of control. Went to doctor today and she thinks the Wellbutrin dose may be causing the anxiety so she is adding Lexapro 10mg and bringing the Wellbutrin XL back down to 150mg. I am also on blood pressure meds. ... (2 replies)
... ought about something for 3 months straight on and off that its very hard to wakeup and my first thought not be "Am I back to normal". If anyone could give there input I would greatly appreciate it. This has been such an issue for me and I just won't to get the problem solved. ... (5 replies)
... Any input would be much appreciated. ... (0 replies)
... I am sure there are a few more, but you get the jest of it. I am currently on lexapro 15 mg...just started about 3 weeks ago. ... (0 replies)
... Well, I have only taken SSRI's for anxiety, with an occasional xanax for added help. I KNOW everyone is different in their reactions to these meds, but please, confirm with me, this is the order top to bottom of how well SSRI's do in general for generalized anxiety: 1) Paxil (most "sedating") 2) Lexapro 3) Zoloft 4) Prozac (most "activating") ANY input with your... (0 replies)
... I took Zoloft on and off for about 10 years, the last time I tried to go on it I had HORRIBLE side effects and had to stop it. I have been having daily panic attacks again, 1 or 2 a day, sometimes constant, since starting perimenopause. I have been taking xanax .5 mg 2-3 times a day for this. I do not want to have to keep taking benzos, I would rather just take 1 pill daily... (5 replies)
... This has me concerned because it is reminding me of when I took Lexapro and I got more anxious before getting better, AND, if it's like an SSRI to start it, will it be like one to STOP it later...which is horrible. ... (6 replies)
... You're right that these meds. affect people differently. I haven't started the Prozac yet. I went back down to 10 mgs. of Lexapro and am feeling OK on it. I've been eating less and exercising and I still look like I'm ready to give birth. ... (13 replies)
... Thanks. I guess I better at least move up to 10 mg.:dizzy: (12 replies)
... Mrs. lee That's how I felt while on Lex for 6 years. I am beginning to feel better, although still not sleeping like I used to. Maybe that's good, maybe I needed so much sleep and couldn't get up because I felt so terrible for the last 6 months I haven't taken Lex. May I ask what dose you take? Right now, I am only taking half of my 10 mg and my ENT and family doc said... (12 replies)
... For me - Zoloft doesn't give Me dry mouth - it could for others. Withdrawal side effects of...? Which? For me getting off of Lex was brain zaps. Doubt dizzyness 6 mos out is a side effect of being off especially after being off that long. Dizzyness is a symptom of anxiety though... If you're suffering from dry-mouth now - there are toothpastes and mouth washes that... (12 replies)
... Sorry, but does Zoloft not give you dry mouth? That does annoy me. Also, what are withdrawal side effects? Could it be the chronic dizziness that I had for the last 6 months since going off it in December? (12 replies)
... Thanks for the info! I tried paxil and zoloft and remember that I felt like a zombie -- no feeling about anything. Lex worked the best for me and actually, I think it's starting to finally kick in in a positive way. Take care. (12 replies)
... I was on Lex for 9 mos or so. Took down the anxiety very little - made me feel empty, other side effects were dry-mouth - sexual side effects were very unpleasant. Ended up getting off just to feel something... months later I asked for something else to combat the anxiety - was given a script for Zoloft, much better. Did have the insomnia for a spell - talked to my... (12 replies)

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