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... angel54 & kristycake, please let me know how you like the lexapro. It took me 20 mg. and about 2 months to notice a difference. Like I said, I am better, but not completely cured. Let me know what you guys think after taking it for a while. I'd really appreciate your input. THANKS to all...if anyone else can comment on my original post, I'd really appreciae it. (43 replies)
... Honestly, is there no cure for anxiety? Is it like the HIV of emotional diseases? I have SEVERE anxiety problems, and I have recently been asking myself if the rest of my life is going to be like this (I'm only 23). The racing heart, constant outrageous worry, etc......Is it guaranteed to me forever? I am taking Lexapro, but it only does what it's suppose to......take the... (7 replies)
Social Anxiety?
Jul 27, 2005
... I've suspected I've had some sort of social anxiety. I'm not afraid of everyone, just certain people. If I can be myself and wear jeans, shorts, etc. I'm better than if I have to wear a dress, heals, and stand around in a drinking environment (i.e. a Christmas party). Well, today I went to the gym but I had to also play sales person for my and my husband's company. I spoke... (3 replies)

... I go to see my therapist on Thursday(tommorrow), so I will be able to talk to her about this paranoia. I have only been on Lexapro for about a week, I just got switched from Zoloft (which did more bad than good). It has been a while since I'd talked to my therapist, as she has been very busy, so I'm probably overdue to talk with her. Although we have been communicating... (4 replies)
... I have been on Lexapro for over 3 months and doing ok. I also take Klonopin .05 3x daily. Sunday I woke up feeling kinda woozy and light headed........... ... (4 replies)
... I'm a little afraid to try Lexapro after reading all the posts here. ... (7 replies)
... advice or input would be appreciated! Thanks!! ... (23 replies)
... Anyone have any input about which SSRIs are most or least sedating? ... (5 replies)
Starting on paxil
Jan 24, 2005
... ndency to not give my medicines a very long time to work. i just kinda give up. but now i'm getting to the point where i need help and i want to get better...any input is appreciated!! ... (6 replies)
... Well I went on paxil 25 in may and it helped really well.. no panic attacks, for the first time in my life I was anxiety free. Then once school started, the paxil wasn't working as well.. so my doc switched me to lexapro.. which made it FAR worse... so she switched me back to paxil but 37.5 this time. I have been on it for about 4 weeks, and it hasn't done anything for me. I... (9 replies)
Nov 9, 2004
... guys I just want to know if welbutrin is as good as everyone is saying it is. Oh and the side effects I have heard that there arent any. They told me that about lexapro and boy were they wrong. Anyways input would be greatly appreciated. ... (10 replies)
... i am taking lexapro for my anxiety as well? ... (7 replies)
Effexor XR
Aug 7, 2004
... off balance feeling. This is the worst symptom I've ever had. Thanks for any input you may have. ... (3 replies)
... Kaley, I have suffered with depression and anxiety for the last 5 years. This is just the way anxiety is. It makes you have irrational thoughts. Although the pain is *real* it not what you THINK it is. Does that make sense? I know its hard. I hope that the Celexa helps you -- give it time, sometimes it takes awhile to kick in (esp for the anxiety part). I took Celexa... (3 replies)
Need advice!!!!!
Jun 30, 2004
... anyone tried these after lexapro did not work? ... (3 replies)
... Just wondering if anyone had an input about klonopin. My girlfriend who is withdrawing from Vicodin at the hospital says Klonopin two times a day and lexapro 20mg. is making her feel real good. She's not tired and feels normal. Does anyone on this board take Klonopin? ... (6 replies)
... It is working great. I underdstand your question. I am only taking 10 mg of Lexapro. So I have to find out if I need a higher dose or combine it with the klonapin. The reason I don't like to take the klonapin is that it is easy to get addicted to and a real pain to stop taking. I think I may have said in a previous post that it took my daughter two months to ween herself... (7 replies)

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