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... I'm not sure if this is the same with lexapro, but it usually takes 3 weeks for AD's to kick the fact that your anxiety is alright with a low dose of AD's after two days is something I'd bring up to your doc too. ... (5 replies)
... Started 2.5 mg. Lexapro 2 days ago for gad. It is working fantastic for my anxiety. But these side effect are horrendous. They are so bad that I want to cry but can't. ... (5 replies)
Week 3 on Lexapro
Jul 21, 2005
... I called my doctor who said I should stay on the 5mg. dose for a few more weeks till I got over the side effects. I also noted that I was feeling more depressed while I was on it. ... (12 replies)

... this way, as awful as it sounds. we all have to go through a bout of side effects taking these meds. it usually takes a week or two for them to subside. i was on lexapro but am now on celexa. I have very unusual side effects from switching, weird brain zaps an a smooshy feeling in my brain and around my temples. ... (5 replies)
... I voiced my concerns to the endo about side effects from the T. He said starting at a lower dose minimizes side effects. ... (105 replies)
Lexapro, and OMG.
Jun 20, 2010
... However, if I ever take Lexapro again, I would probably start on 5 mg. ... (15 replies)
... The first week I took 10 mg and I just stepped up Thurs to 20mg. I was just about through what I think was the worst of the side effects when I upped the dose like I was supposed to. It was kind of like starting over. ... (11 replies)
... For those with anxiety Lexapro is usually prescribed at 20mg. Is the Dr. prescribing Lexapro a Primary Care Physician? ... (5 replies)
... So, thinking I was 'ready' for the full dose given by the doctor, I went to the 10 mg. He wanted me to do that to start with, but the side effects wouldn't let me. ... (3 replies)
... My personal opinion is you need to relax. I am on 30mgs of Lexapro and I don't think I have ever thought about looking at my eyes. If your newly on Lexapro you may wake up early at first until it is fully in your system. I personally don't think it's that strong of a drug. ... (5 replies)
... brain zaps or feeling electric like shocks in your head are a known side effect of ssri taper and it is not unusual for you to feel them as well as your other discontinuation syndrome sensations for a long time. This info has been unreported by doctors and big pharma for years. Some are more sensitive to it then others, you are one who is sensitive. Eventually your... (8 replies)
... Gotta give it at least 3 weeks to know if the dose is working. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks, this is almost worst than the reason I went on lexapro - to help Vestibular Neuronitis - constant imbalance. Finally, after 6 months, I gave in and started back on lexapro (having taken it for 6 years, then quitting in December). I was fine until day 24. I've never had insomnia, and to lay all night long wide awake is unbearable and very bad for my inner ear... (4 replies)
... I tapered off of Lexapro very gradually and am completely off of it for about 3 weeks. ... (8 replies)
Lexapro Experience
Sep 16, 2008
... I've been on Lexapro for about 12 weeks now (cross off the first 3 as I had to double my dose). It takes a VERY long time to work. My doctor felt that Lexapro alone wouldn't help me (personally) so I'm also on a low dose of Buspar (non-addictive). If you're not feeling noticeably better after 4 weeks you might need a dosage adjustment (sorry but you start from scratch on... (4 replies)
... I've been taking 5mg Lexapro for a little over two months now. I started on this low dose to minimize side effects. However, I don't think that I am taking it at the full theraputic dose that is right for me. ... (18 replies)
Paxil vs Lexapro
Aug 12, 2004
... effects and weight gain. I would try to stay on the Lexapro if possible. Obviously, if it doesn't work too much at a higher dose, you may look to change. ... (5 replies)
Lexapro concern
Jun 28, 2011
... anxiety about anxiety and that single thought, just accepting my anxiety instead of always searching and assesing how i was feeling gave my mind a chance for the Lexapro to truly work and the next day i woke up and it was gone. The lexapro just kicked in overnight. ... (9 replies)
... make sure you take your Lexapro in the morning. ... (4 replies)
... Yikes guys!!! Call your Dr. maybe your blood sugar is low from not eating or your iron is low? ... (8 replies)

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