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... Lexapro made my anxiety worse than ever after 3 weeks. It was a gradual onset of intense anxiety. I've quit Lexapro and I just take xanax as needed. ... (21 replies)
... When I first started Lexapro, it actually made my anxiety worse. I also had some stomach issues for the first couple of days but that went away. ... (3 replies)
... I have been on cymbalta for one week. I suffer from depression, anxiety and adhd. Was on Lexapro, made my anxiety worse. Doc put me on adderall last week for the adhd and my anxiety was ten times worse. Hoping this new anti depressant, cymbalta, will do what Doc says. ... (3 replies)

... Hello, I am a 35 year old that has dealt with anxiety attacks for the past few years. My anxiety attacks were always manageable and I dealt with them by leaving the situation that was upsetting me or using dr prescribed Xanax. ... (6 replies)
... I tried around 20 different medications which either made me sick or crazy with anxiety or just did not do anything, except Lexapro. It worked. Lexapro relieved my anxiety, but bummer, it also made me violently ill. Then the psychiatrist prescribed Pristiq. ... (0 replies)
... Lexapro made me feel very wired during week two. Like I was on speed which made my anxiety worse. I could not tolerate going several weeks before I felt better. So I stopped taking it. ... (21 replies)
Nov 27, 2004
... Lexapro is a highly potent SSRI! SSRI's should be started at the LOWEST possible dose and weaned slowly upwards UNDER a doctor's supervision. In my personal experience, Lexapro made my anxiety 100x worse. I took more xanax than I ever did prior to taking Lexapro. ... (11 replies)
... and wow what a ride. It actually made my anxiety worse at times. Right now I take it at 2pm everyday and I have some terrible insomnia and wake up and feel spaced out. Am I better off taking it at night before bed? ... (5 replies)
... wellbutrin made my anxiety worse. in fact anxiety is one of the side effects. i to am looking for a antidepressant that doesn't have a lot of nasty side effects. ... (7 replies)
... I currently take Zoloft 100 mg. I have social anxiety as well as the health anxiety. I have taken it for about a year. I had side effects with Lexapro, Effexor, and Paxil. I started with 25 mg. ... (12 replies)
... Great post bondgurl! You are wise beyond your years. I've tried many AD's at doctor's suggestions and they always made my anxiety worse. ... (12 replies)
... Has your doctor mentioned Xanax XR. Zoloft and Lexapro made my anxiety much worse. These medications don't always help with anxiety because everyone is different. ... (6 replies)
Lexapro Experience
Sep 15, 2008
... for about 5 years now. I first succesfully managed it with Klonopin and Paxil, which I took for about 2 years. I then weaned off both after feeling like I had my life back again. ... (4 replies)
... I've had an anxiety disorder my entire life, but was only diagnosed when I was 21. ... (8 replies)
Tired of anxiety
May 12, 2006
... I am 23 years old and have experienced anxiety pretty much as far back as I can remember. I remember being in 5th grade and never sleeping because of the costant fear that I had cancer. ... (6 replies)
Dec 29, 2005
... Yes, I would definitely talk to your primary AND get a therapist. My therapist cannot prescribe meds so they have to come thru my primary or an actual pyschiatrist. ... (4 replies)
Apr 9, 2007
... I am sure I have GAD . I am constantly concerned with my health . I worry all the time about it. I was on Lexapro before and it worked except for the sexual side effects and weight gain. ... (2 replies)
... I'm also taking Klonopin for this exact same situation. Still... If I am off work... despite taking meds, I will find myself unable to FORCE my sleep upong myself and will be watching Discovery Times, Military Channel or Discovery until i start seeing light blue in the nights sky. ... (14 replies)
... a viscious cycle. My symptoms of anxiety which occurr after a period of trying to sleep include an all over agitation, uncomfortable tightening feeling in my arms, dry mouth and frequent voiding. It seems when these symptoms set in, no amount of CBT heps me out of this state. ... (14 replies)
... She put me on buspar, which I had an allergic reaction to after 1 dose so I can't vouch for it's effectiveness, but it is supposed to improve anxiety without first increasing it like SSRI's do. ... (6 replies)

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