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... Today I can't wake up at all, and I"m cold and hot again. Still very dizzy. I'm going to post and see if it should still be going on like this. Today will be day 7 and it seems today is the worst as far as energy tired and lightheaded goes. I'm not noticing any differences in my anxiety or panic either. ... (25 replies)
... se anxiety and feeling barfy. I took a Xanax and felt better for the rest of the day, but I was tired and had a little bit of dee ree in the afternoon. Then last night I was grocery shopping and got really anxious again so had to take another Xanax. So yesterday I was a little off. ... (18 replies)
... As far as side effects..... Well the first day he told me wait until you are home for the day and take 5 mg. I got both my kids home and was home for the rest of the day, or so I thought! ... (11 replies)

... Well its good to hear this isnt just me. The side effects are terrible so far. I had a panic attack out of nowhere the other day and almost fainted. The jumping out of the skin thing i completely understand. I am so restless I just lay around moving constantly. ... (27 replies)
... Just know you arent alone when it comes to these horrible symptoms of panic and anxiety. I can tell you my story and relate. I was working one day just standing at the register and I was having a good day at that and all of a sudden I got this dizzy feeling like I was about to pass out on the spot. ... (2 replies)
... was losing so much weight I was certain I had some type of cancer. I was bouncing from one doctor's appointment to the next, unable to think of anything else all day long. I could barely function or take care of my kids. ... (7 replies)
... pool, and we had to sit and wait. And as the seconds went by the feelings of "I don't want to be here" got worse and worse. It wasn't so much that I was anxious or worried... I just couldn't sit there. I got this intense feeling of boredom and it was irritating. ... (25 replies)
... Has anyone experimented with the time of day you take meds? ... (3 replies)
... You just take one a day..either in the morning or night. Whichever you prefer. Theres no "order". They are all the same. ... (4 replies)
... yesterday was an EXTREMELY stressful day for me and i seemed to get through it okay. until this morning. ... (2 replies)
Anxiety or Tumor?
Nov 22, 2013
... aw a neuro who performed a full EMG. The results were clean and didn't show any abnormalities. The neuro suggested I see a psychiatrist. I did and he put me on Lexapro and Klonopin to treat both anxiety and depression. I stayed on the meds for abour 6 months and then weaned off of them. ... (1 replies)
... m alway called me a a hypochondriac when I was little and I basically forgot about that and at the same point didn't believe her cause who fakes having disorders or diseases right. ... (13 replies)
... d a little weight. It never helped my anxiety and it killed my sex drive, but I think it helped with depression. I still had to take Xanax sometimes during the day and had to take a sleeping pill at night when I was on Zoloft because of anxiety. ... (9 replies)
... hours later, felt very weak and dizzy. Since then i havent felt right, i have this weird 'off' feeling. So i started thinking "I broke a blood vessel in my head' or so negative. went through summer and felt so so...sometimes i felt off, sometimes i was ok. ... (201 replies)
... I also worried a lot about other things too though.So my doctor put me on Lexapro.I still worried,but not nearly as much.Before I was obsessing over the thoughts night and day. ... (4 replies)
Lexapro or Prozac?
Nov 18, 2008
... Well, I probably do need the xanax, but I don't want to take it for fear of becoming addicted. I will not allow myself to take more than .25 mg in a day. I haven't had any in 3 days, but I am about to start my period so I'll probably take one tonight. The problem I am having with Prozac is that I don't sleep that well at night. I don't want to have to take xanax to sleep. I... (3 replies)
... l, by the end it was full blown anxiety. its been 2 years and i have been taking zanax .25 in the evening and during the middle of the nite to sleep. i also take lexapro 10mg for the last year. my dr. is going to start getting me off it soon he said. its been a journey from hell for me, but i am much better that i was. ... (9 replies)
... When I first started on Celexa 20mg I had a panic attack right off. I had to switch down to 5mg for about 4 or 5 days and then 10mg for about five more days. ... (4 replies)
Lexapro Users!!
Oct 12, 2005
... doing great where I'm at but you probaly need to go higher to 10 I do not think it will make anxiety worse probaly better...Let us know how it goes. Have a great day please! ... (4 replies)
... just wondering when the best time of day to take lexapro? ... (4 replies)

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