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... I took my 1st dose of xanax xr last night and its weird, its in my body all day no up or down from it wearing off. To early to say wether I like it or if it works. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Cathy and welcome to the boards. You will find soooooo much help here! I will tell you that I was put on Lexapro and it made me very sick! However, too much iron can also make you sick. If you are used to taking the iron, I would guess that it's the Lexapro. ... (6 replies)
... d he noticed how anxious I was, even talking to him. He prescribed a bunch. Gabapentin! I refuse to take that three times a day! He prescribed the antidepressant lexapro and I take that once a day in very small dose. ... (2 replies)

... n getting these attacks for the past few years but recently they've increased in the past two weeks. Everything bothers me and everything roams through my head, day in and day out. My blood pressure soars at times and I get hot inside and then I get chilled and start to shiver. ... (5 replies)
... I drink caffeine at dinner I also having trouble sleeping. Also, if I eat a lot of sugar it also can affect my sleep. I also do the same as you. If I wake up or can't go to sleep at night I lay there and think and think and think about everything and anything. ... (12 replies)
... So I broke my leg last night and have to go for surgery on Tues for it. ... (4 replies)
Dissassociation ?
Aug 13, 2006
... ere and read other posts and I don't feel as alone. I have a question about the detachment symptom. I have to say this is the most horrible one! I have it all day long. It is especially bad in the evenings. I don't understand how this can happen even though I am not anxious nor panicky or anything like that. ... (5 replies)
... depressants, I had many flashbacks and felt dizzy, couldn't sleep at night, felt depersonalized majorly. Since then, the dizzy and couldn't sleep at night has gone away for the most part, but the other symptoms remain especially the depersonalization. I also lack the judgement to adequately tell if I am improving. ... (7 replies)
... I take 40 mg Lexapro (anti-depressant), 150 mg. Trazodone, 3 mg. Xanax, and 1,800 mg. Triletpal. I don't know about serotonin disease, but I've been taking meds for 18 years now and I'm still alive and kicking. I assume he's giving you the Trazadone to help you sleep at night. I find that when I get a good night's sleep I'm less anxious and depressed during the day. Good... (1 replies)
... I started out on 25mg Zoloft also. After a week I increased it to 50mg and stayed there or a month or so. My anxiety increased a lot and I could not sleep at night. I had to take Torazadone for sleep. ... (3 replies)
... and occasional xananx or something similar when needed? ... (20 replies)
... Breathing in slowly through your nose making sure your stomach is going out and your not breathing through your chest, Then exhale through your mouth slowly. At night its hard to pay attention to your breathing an dthat is why I cant sleep. I am actually going to my doc for a valume. ... (4 replies)
... You know to be honest I didn't stay on the Xanax XR very long. Maybe less than a week. I just didn't like how it made me so tired all day and I took it at night. ... (3 replies)
... I am on lexapro which is the name brand sister drug for celexa. I am on week 5 and I take .5 Klonopin at night for sleep. I have the same problem you do anxiety and sleep problems do to my mind wondering all night either just thinking or worrying. ... (4 replies)
... Several months ago, I started taking Lexapro and Ativan. I take an Ativan immediately upon waking up and am then able to function through my morning, without all the ugly anxiety symptoms. ... (4 replies)
Anxiey Disorder?
Aug 3, 2007
... I have been on Lexapro recently. I was on lexapro about 1.5 months ago for two weeks and quit because i wasnt sure if i needed it. Now i've been back on it for 7 days. ... (7 replies)
Too much Xanax?
Jul 30, 2007
... I'm not saying this will be the case with you, but using the meds in unison creates a synergy that will allow you to take less of one or the other when taking it alone. ... (6 replies)
... ood shape and started to exercise regularly. Once in awhile but more very recently, I would feel a flutter in my chest. I will get this pain for about a second or two. Its feels like my heart is being squeezed. I usually get this when i'm anxious. ... (5 replies)
... depression go hand and hand with me. I noticed the anxiety and panic attacks first and that was 21 years ago. It came from out of the blue. I woke up during the night shaking and hyperventilating. I already had two small kids but I was living at my parent's home. ... (5 replies)
... the much higher dosage. I was going to try taking it at night, but since I have such strange sleeping habits, this wasn't an option. I usually fall asleep every night with my glasses and bedroom light on, and while on the Zoloft, it was impossible to control my sleeping. ... (9 replies)

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