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... years and had NO anxiety or painic. I went off it in December because it made agitated. Took Lexapro and hated it. Took nothing for about a month BUT the dizziness and withdrawls were horrible so I went back on Celexa. Now it does not touch my anxiety. ... (7 replies)
... I'm a 29 year old male and have been suffering from anxiety disorder for the past 9 years and social anxiety disorder due to my extreme shyness since I was a kid. I also have agoraphobia when I'm in public places and while driving. ... (0 replies)
... t, outgoing persona. I was basket case! I remember sweating profusely when he and I went out on dates and having a panic attack on one occasion. About 3 weeks after we met, I had to go to the doctor to get an allergy prescription. I noticed while sitting in the waiting room a "Lexapro" brochure on one of the tables. ... (12 replies)

... I took Paxil for 14 years for GAD and it was pooping out on me. I have transitioned to Lexapro. I've been on Lexapro for about 6 weeks now. At first it was like I had nothing working at all but I had a few side effects, restless legs, some stomach upset. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Amber. Isnt it refreshing to know that you are not the only one? ... (8 replies)
... or riding...I'm scared to even go anywhere now. This is just no way to live that's for sure!! I do get some comfort from these boards though, just knowing I'm not a "weirdo" and there are so many other people who experience the same things as me. ... (8 replies)
... nd have finally broken back into things 6 or 7 years later as a self employed person, but eventually want to work back into a NORMAL lifestyle where I can handle working day to day on a schedule and routine predicated by others, and where I don't have to be worried or feel horrible each day doing so. ... (2 replies)
... I'll try to make my background brief, but I think it is important to my question. I was diagnosed with panic disorder about 2 years ago, associated mostly with traveling or speaking in front of groups at work. I was perscribed Celexa and did well on it for about 6 months. ... (0 replies)
... Thanks, this is almost worst than the reason I went on lexapro - to help Vestibular Neuronitis - constant imbalance. Finally, after 6 months, I gave in and started back on lexapro (having taken it for 6 years, then quitting in December). I was fine until day 24. I've never had insomnia, and to lay all night long wide awake is unbearable and very bad for my inner ear... (4 replies)
... Sound like you could be experiencing your panic returning. I have been going thru alot of the same where I took Celexa 2.5 mg for 4 years...........Loved it while it worked.I am still in such horrible turmoil trying to find something that works. Right now I am on day 4 of 1 mg of Lexapro. ... (4 replies)
... About a month after moving, I paid a visit to the emergency room because I was experiencing chest pains. At the time, I was afraid I had some mystery heart condition. ... (5 replies)
... I have stopped using Lexapro because of 7 straight months of headaches. The headaches were so bad that I couldn't cope with anything in life. I am now Lexapro free and not one headache. I am starting a new phase in my life, job searching. I enjoy people, and have an outstanding resume. ... (2 replies)
... I have been on the AD rollercoaster for years. The last one, Celexa worked wondeful for 4 years.....then poof stopped working..... ... (6 replies)
... My name is Jessica and for 4 years I have been having panic attacks. I'm 21, academically successful, athletic, with a great group of friends and family. ... (2 replies)
Feb 11, 2009
... nd insomnia. The first day I took it I was out cold and slept for about 12 hours, was groggy all day, and ended up taking a nap that evening. The next day, I did not take it because I was drinking alcohol. Anyway, the day after I took it again and I did not feel the effects. ... (2 replies)
... I agree with young mama. These are in fact drugs we are takeing, they are not natural, there is nothing natural about them. They don't grow out of the garden, there are going to be side effects as with any drug. ... (12 replies)
... hey sound EXACTLY like me. i am 28 years old and since september i have been plagued with this awful anxiety and depression. i also think i have ocd. ... (4 replies)
... It is not uncommon for you to have fear of these meds, after all you would be trying something completely new and taking a different approach than you have taken before. Also, medication is not the cure all... ... (6 replies)
... Had fairly good results. Some sexual issues, but not nearly as much as Lexapro. The medicine, however, was extremely expensive, and became unaffordable for me as there was no generic available. ... (1 replies)
I am new :)
Jul 21, 2006
... s. The summer of 2002 I was working as an admissions clerk at Cedar Point, one day I noticed that my appetite was not quite normal, but wrote it off as stress and high humidity. ... (4 replies)

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