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... Ive been on paxil 10mg for about 5 years, was at 20 for a while but the insomnia and dreams sucked. Ive had breakthrough anxiety lately and the doc (my general doctor) wants me to go from the paxil to 10mg lex. he said to just switch. Im afraid of the side effect of switching, or is there any? : ) (201 replies)
... just taking a smaller dose would help. I was given 20mg and have been breaking those in half for the 10mg. I guess I could break it into quarters for 5mg! The lexapro really does work for me....I wonder if anyone else has taken it and found that the tiredness goes away with time. ... (201 replies)
... Been on 100 mg zoloft for 4 yrs. Originally I switched to celexa because zoloft was making me tired but then went back to zoloft because celexa stopped working. I understand lexapro is better than celexa. ... (9 replies)

... oft because it made me so darn tired!!!!!!!! Maybe you should try a different med. Tried Lexapro yet? ... (2 replies)
... always with a few people, never on my lonesome! I will have old friends to see, new ones to get acquainted with, whom I've only spoken to on the phone or email, so I am looking forward to that. I think I am the opposite of you, I get panicky feeling from staying in the house too much. I have the need to get out of here! ... (19 replies)
... Then I can take a shuttle from the hotel on Wed to the airport and I will be fine. I am excited, but have worked so hard getting ready to go, that it has me half crazed! ... (19 replies)
... Bell, I am so glad the Lexapro is working so well for you! That is just great! ... (19 replies)
... Great! Let me know how it works for you! I love the lexapro and can deal with the fatigue, for now, but I am just so hungry all the time! Maybe it's all in my head. I skipped the lex the last few nights, and I am still hungry, so maybe it's not the lex after all. ... (201 replies)
... work and I'd nearly throw up. Now, I can take it and go on. I am really hoping the Lex will do that for you too. Apparently the Paxil is not working for you, so it's smart of you to switch. ... (201 replies)
... Ok so I should try doing paxil 1/2 pill for 3 days and lexapro 1/2 a pill for 3 days, then just do the full lex on day 4? That doesnt sound too bad...i guess mixing the two wouldnt hurt? : ) (201 replies)
... Wellbutrin and Lexapro will not make you anxious together, but the Wellbutrin alone will. ... (201 replies)
... Hi, I started with 5 mg about 2 months ago after 3 weeks of feeling no change the bumped me to 10mg. My anxiety is much better BUT I am feeling too many side effects.... * I have these daily headaches that are killing me.... they feel like tension headaches * dry eyes and kind of blurred vision. Also pain in my eyes. * Jaw clenching (0 replies)
... Started 2.5 mg. Lexapro 2 days ago for gad. It is working fantastic for my anxiety. But these side effect are horrendous. They are so bad that I want to cry but can't. I might have slept ten minutes last night due to adrenalin rushes with absolutely no cause. I wanted to nap today if possible.. ... (5 replies)
... and I felt like I was going to fall over and pass out I was so tired. I'm sure it goes away over time though. ... (6 replies)
... I am into my 4th week of Lexapro 10mgs a day, and I feel so exhausted all day long. Before starting this medicine I was always full of energy, just always had anxiety attacks. ... (5 replies)
... I started taking my Lexapro about 7 in the evening. Before I would take it with my breakfast and felt extremly fatigued most of the day. ... (6 replies)
... ced was some lightheadedness ,not bad,for the first week of taking it.......of course I have lightheadedness and dizzy spells off and on,but I dont think its the Lexapro anymore.The med has really helped me I do not obsess on my symptoms like I used to.I used to spend hours upon hours of worrying and searching the web. ... (5 replies)
... I remember years ago being so tired I would lay on the floor and cry. It took years for them to figure out I had Epstein Barr. It was such a load off my brain to have a diagnosis. ... (106 replies)
... Bell & Jeffreysmom :wave: Haven't heard from you in days. How are you two progressing on your Lexapro? Hope you both are doing fine and the side affects are just about gone away by now. As far as I can tell - mine have (except that ONE problem)!! But haven't had the opportunity to check that out either... Let me know how you ladies are doing :wave: Jackie :angel: (201 replies)
... WF, I have been on Lexapro for two and a half months now, and doing great. I really haven't noticed any tiredness either. ... (201 replies)

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