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... The fatigue on Lexapro was ridiculous, I went off, got on 60 mgs of Cymbalta, not much success, went up to 90 mgs. and am doing fine. ... (201 replies)
... i FINALLY took my first does of lexapro, they gave me 10mg but i halved it and good thing, i am sitting here at work and can harldly keep my eyes open, looks like i will need to take it at night.... it has taken me several times of filling a perscription to take this... wish me luck and good luck to all of you... (201 replies)
... I actually found these boards while trying to find info on Lexapro when I first started on in last month. You're right, they are a life saver. ... (201 replies)

... I also have a 9 year old that gets home at 3. I had a friend who said he tried Lexapro and it made him feel sick too! I am just trying to ride this out because they are running out of meds to give me! I have also noticed my appetite is awful. ... (201 replies)
... "Lexapro - the stud medicine :) " (201 replies)
... Adam, this is great news to know what is causing the severe anxiety. They are right though - a psyc would have known the danger of that happening in the switch. I am sorry you're having to go through all of this. But it has to help just knowing the cause. Please do the halfs of each tonight, and Sunday do the whole Lexapro. I am sure that you will find your self feeling... (201 replies)
... was taking it, but the few days I skipped to see if it would help with the hunger problem, the desire came back full force! I don't want anyone to not take the lexapro because of what I am saying....I hope all side effects will go away in time. ... (201 replies)
... Lexapro keeps me up at night if I take it in the evening. If I take it first thing in the morning then I have no problems other than my vision is blurred some. I only take a 1/2 10mg tablet. Hope taking it in the morning helps. (201 replies)
... My ex girlfriend told me her friends husband is on lexapro and it worked great for him, so ive got my fingers crossed! ... (201 replies)
... be careful with the lexapro, i was taking it for three months and became suicidal, i just didnt have the energy or will to do anything. When they say that it is just the placebo effect, dont believe it, the symtoms are real. It has taking me almost six months to come out of this depression, and Thank God I changed doctors!!! (201 replies)
... Try taking your Lexapro in the morning. Maybe that will help. ... (201 replies)
... if anything, more energy. I know several have said they were really tired on it, but I am glad to say that I haven't been that way at all. I don't have time to be tired! ... (201 replies)
... I just started taking lex again and it is bad, I can't sleep. I have constant anxiety. haven't slept in two days. I feel very sick and out of it, I was on it for a long time about 6 months ago and when I started taking it I didn;t have any side effects like this, maybe because i went from prozac to lexapro. I can't do this right now, I have finals and need to finish this... (201 replies)
... Adam...the lexapro worked almost right away for me. I think you will feel it before a week is up...Good luck! ... (201 replies)
... I take Lexapro 10 mg and I had been on it for about 2 months and was not hungry at all, I stopped for about a month and then got back on it again. ... (201 replies)
... For me, the side effects of Lexapro are serious nausea (still, after 3 months) and a little bit of anxiety at times. Instead of upping my dose to 20 (I'm taking 10 now), my psych. said to try Remeron. That's when the unbelievable fatigue and hunger started. I never seem to feel full anymore and I'm constantly thinking about what I'll eat at the next meal. Also, I haven't been... (201 replies)
... Adam, I think you will get better benefits from Lexapro than the Paxil. It is supposed to be superior to Paxil, and is one isonomar of Celexa, the good part without some of Celexa's side affects. ... (201 replies)
... I have a bottle of lexapro sitting right in front of me....Im currently on 10mg of paxil and having a good deal of just hesitant to take it. ... (201 replies)
... I remember reading somewhere that lexapro is fast-acting, and you can get windows within a week. I have also heard of it working at less than 10 mg. For me, 10 mg worked at times within a week or two, and really well at 3-4 weeks to control my anxiety. Unfortunately, I became too fatigued after a couple of months to continue. I wonder what would have happened if I'd halved... (201 replies)
... I got headaches, got so tired I kept napping, and it made me jittery and anxious like I already was but the sensation was "dulled" a bit. ... (7 replies)

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