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... but I was taking 20mg a day. I asked my dr. to cut my dose to 10mg, and then add Wellbutrin during the day to help me lose weight and not be so tired. I think I am starting to lose the weight now. ... (3 replies)
... ugh i must be stupid......i have been having sharp pains that move to different areas of my body off and on for a couple weeks now,so i have been checking the heart disease forum because of this and also palpitations i have gotten in the past and a few here and there now anxiety is kicking in yet again because of the things i have read about young adults (im 31) dying... (8 replies)
... I actually did this on Tuesday. I hate to sleep, so when the medicine started making me like a zombie a year after I started taking it, life wasn't good. ... (9 replies)

... Well I made it through the day. Yesterday evening and last night were rough. I tried to go to sleep around 12 but found myself tossing and turning all night, so i really didnt get any quality sleep. Too much anxiety, couldnt relax enough to close my eyes and pass out. ... (19 replies)
... I feel so terrible right now. Im so freakin tired, i feel like i could close my eyes and pass right out, im slightly dizzy. My eyes and mouth are so dry, my eyes are burning. ... (201 replies)
... Well luckily i had a couple comp hours from some work i did from home on the weekend so i took a few hours off this afternoon. It wasnt an unbearable day at work, but it wasnt perfect, better than yesterday i guess... ... (201 replies)
... gs, went on a roller coaster for the first time, then two hours later, felt very weak and dizzy. Since then i havent felt right, i have this weird 'off' feeling. So i started thinking "I broke a blood vessel in my head' or so negative. went through summer and felt so so... ... (201 replies)
... t usually does. If I'm not feeling like I'm gonna puke, then I'm really tired, or I'm having an attack or on the verge of one. This is driving me crazy!! I am so tired of this..... ... (3 replies)
... It made me tired too, but it sure does work for my anxiety! ... (5 replies)
... Took my second 5 of lex last night. this morning i feel tired, my eyes are very heavy, even a little blurry. I still feel anxious, somewhat restless, and my body has a very odd numb kind of feeling...looks like im back to square one huh? :( :yawn: Adam (201 replies)
... Tell me about the tired thing!!! I am drinking tea right now trying to get some energy. I hear it does pass though. ... (201 replies)
... Yep, and they will get better! You will be tired at first, but that will pass too. ... (201 replies)
... So these are all side effects huh? :( I took 3/4 1/4 last night, im going to do the same thing tonight and see how i am tomorrow. If tomorrow is better, ill drop the 1/4 and take the whole lex....try it little by little. Boy the stuff did wipe me out! The guy at work told me i looked tired, and i slept through most of the night... (201 replies)
... Hi Adam! It's been a rollar coaster ride! First day I felt ampted up and some what irritable. Now I am mostly tired and sometimes a little sick and light headed feeling? ... (201 replies)
... Belle, glad you're hanging in there. It will take a while to adjust. I guess I was just very lucky that it didn't make me tired like you guys. You'll get better with each day, I was glad when the nausea passed. That kept me awake at night for a while. Very uncomfortable. ... (201 replies)
... I'm still adjusting to side effects over here but getting better. Boy does this stuff make you tired and awake all at the same time. ... (201 replies)
... Im actually kinda tired. I feel like im drugged up and quite sedated. Ill have to see if it goes away at all during the afternoon. I feel like taking a nap! :-) (201 replies)
... hi litt ~ I found you guys over here :) do you just take regular Sudafed? I have alergies too but antihistamines make me sooo sleepy, so I just do alergy eye drops for itchy eyes and just deal with the sneezing ~ you said the Sudafed peps you up and takes away your appetite though (which I would love!!!) so just wondering if you take plain Sudafed or Sudafed allergy or... (19 replies)
... I felt nausea at first, when I was taking it at night, so I switched to taking in the mornings for a while, and that went away. ... (201 replies)
So sad
Apr 30, 2005
... Thank you so much for your words. My health as my doctor says as well as many others is perfect. I sure do not feel perfect. My symptoms are the fallowing everyday. ... (4 replies)

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