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... Its 9 am now. I feel so so, which is slightly better than yesterday but I dont want to get too excited yet. I took some ativan when i went to bed so that i wouldnt get anxious, so i dont know if im still glazed over from that or if the lex had some effect on me. ... (201 replies)
... Thank you so much for asking. I will have to try that. Maybe ill wait until friday so i have the weekend to rest if i didnt feel good. How long did it take for the lex to work for you? ... (201 replies)
... o to but im thinking about it. I dont think he even knows the withdrawal problems from paxil. Im just worried that switching directly to another will hurt me. Im so terrified of side effects. But from what it sounds like, lex works in a matter of days to a week. ... (201 replies)

... lf, but everyone I know and love. I was very depressed recently and with the help of Lexapro, am feeling better. I decided then if I'm gonna die, it might not be so bad. Crazy as it sounds, that sad thought I had while depressed has completley gotten rid of my fear of dying! ... (17 replies)
... Thank you so much for your reply. If you don't mind me asking, did you start right away with 10mg of the Lexapro? ... (5 replies)
... I assume so since this is the anxiety thread. ... (7 replies)
... This week I have been so tired NO energy at all. ... (106 replies)
... I haven't slept that great this week, I think it's all the allergy meds I am taking. Hope it is better tonight. Hopefully you well get over the touchy thing with your hubby. But with me - he'd probably be saying I"m the one stalking him! lol (19 replies)
... ot sure why I feel this way, almost like he is stalking me or something. I had this even worse like I said on the Zoloft almost like It repulsed me to be touched so it's not that bad YET! ... (19 replies)
... Adam, I have read quite a few posts about people with panic attacks and they feel just the same as you. They think they are going to pass out and fear that they will and something bad will happen. It sounds like quite a few people on the panic boards say that. I am glad I don't get those!!! :eek: (19 replies)
... I tend to feel uncomfortable and blow it up until im worked up to a craze. So we'll work on that... ... (19 replies)
... Still 12.5mg, i see the psych monday morning, so we'll talk about it and see what her plan is. ... (19 replies)
... Just getting some good rest and sleep, will definitely help your anxiety and your nerves. How much Zolot do you start back with? 25 mg? (19 replies)
... Yeah i hope im better in a couple days. if i get a good rest tonight i bet ill be pretty good tomorrrow...i hope so! (19 replies)
... Go to the Dr. Next Weds. If there was a way to get out of going so much that would be great. I realize I need to be monitored on this stuff but every other week is a bit much don't ya think? ... (19 replies)
... Yes, Chamomile tea is supposed to be soothing, so maybe that helps a bit. ... (201 replies)
... Ugh Im a nervous wreck today. I slept like garbage last night. About 4 hours and the rest was anxious tossing and turning. Its so hard not to go take some thing so i dont have this awful feeling inside me. I am sooooo dizzy and have that nasty constant anxious feeling in my body. Even watching tv, im constantly moving. ... (201 replies)
... I am so glad you wrote, Adam. I had been looking for you yesterday and anxiously waiting to see how you were doing! ... (201 replies)
... I gotta tell you I'm not a good one to ask.....I have overlapped so many different antideps over the years its hard to know what works and what doesn't. ... (201 replies)
... Oh Adam, I have days like that - BELIEVE Me! I think nothing is ever going to be right again and you just want to give up. Do post the new topic about the anxiety in starting on Lex and see what response you might get. Hang in there honey, I would be anxious too if I lost alot of my work. I'd be more like devastated!!! :eek: PS - keep me posted :) J (201 replies)

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