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... I just cant win. to add to all this, my computer at work died yesterday while i was home, so i lost alot of work, it nicked a curb driving up to the pharmacy and got a flat, and the dinner i ate last nite made me sick and i threw it all up. ... (201 replies)
... It is strange that you've had the dizziness since the roller coast rides, so maybe the cat scan is a good thing to have done. ... (201 replies)
... e me a note for work. Talked to him for a while, told him how i was worried because i have had some dizziness ever since roller coaster rides i went on last may. So he is sending me for a CAT Scan to put my mind at ease, to make sure everything is ok. ... (201 replies)

... pretty anxious today but i didnt take any meds last night. i have to go see my doc later to get a note for work. i also made an appointment with a psych tuesday, so hope i can get some help.... ... (201 replies)
... Oh my god im so sorry :( my condolences, such a terrible thing. Thanks, Ill do my best tomorrow, good luck to you too...hope everything goes to you soon :) ~A~ (201 replies)
... roke his neck last night and he's brain dead. They are supposed to take him off the respirator tomorrow. He was drunk and fell on some rocks and hit his head. So hard to believe, and a hard thing to take. So my prayers will be with you, and hopefully someone will be online for support if you need it. ... (201 replies)
... ter than today. tonight all i was instructed to take was ativan and go to bed. tomorrow night ill be taking lex. i dont know how long i can deal with this....its so bad. ... (201 replies)
... i am going to do that, my system is so sensitive, it knows when i put something different in it... ... (201 replies)
... Hi Bella, I am on day 6. My Dr wanted me to start on half 5mg for the first two weeks. I break the half in half!!! To be honest I have so many responsibilites in the morning I am afraid I won't be able to do what I need to do! The flip side is fear of taking it at night for not being able to sleep? ... (201 replies)
... thank you both very much for the info... it made me feel very loopy too. i could not wait to get it out of my system... so when they say it takes a few weeks, that was not the case for me, it started immediately... the side effects did anyways.... ... (201 replies)
... achieves steady state levels of lex after about a week taking it. The level in your blood is roughly 2.2 times the amount you'd have after taking a single dose, so we both might get worse before we get better. Im taking less than a whole dose myself. ... (201 replies)
... Well... you are still partly on the Paxil, so you're still withdrawing from it I am sure. Once you stop that and go Lex all the way, then it will win the war in your brain!! ... (201 replies)
... g a good day! Looks like all the side affects are hitting you full force! Hang in there, I promise it is going to get better. Chew gum, to make your mouth not so dry, and get some good eye drops to help your eyes. I had Lasik surgery in January of last year, so I have extremely dry eyes anyway. ... (201 replies)
... ntly found my hiding place. You would have thought he'd found a man, and that I was having an affair! But hey, he has no sex drive, and I have a very high one, so I had to do something, lol. He's ok with it now though. ... (201 replies)
... First I took Elavil Hated that!!!! Had severe allergic reaction, eye swelled shut, vilolent temper which is so not me just bad all the way around. ... (201 replies)
... I'm trying everything! lol I truly hope this works for you. What all meds have you been on so far? ... (201 replies)
... Belle, I wake up feeling that way too. I really noticed it this a.m. Almost dizzy. I was attributing that to my allergies, but I felt so bad last night I took another antihistime, so I really think it may be the Lex making me feel that way when I first get up. ... (201 replies)
... Well..... the dry mouth is definitely a side affect of SSRI's. I'm never sure how much is due to Lex and how much is my antihistime that I take. My lips are so dry they hurt sometimes. I sip on water, coffee and cola all day. ... (201 replies)
... as little I mean as in 4'10" 98 lbs, so I mean very little! I get teased at work, some of the guys say I look like a Barbie doll. ... (201 replies)
... ked to her psych at work for about a half hour regarding me told me he said i would feel worse before i got better, and everything i was experiencing was normal, so thats reassuring. ... (201 replies)

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