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... You were doing better earlier today, so I was in hopes that today was going to a good day for you. ... (201 replies)
... I feel so awful right now. Im so afraid of taking that stuff, i wish i knew what was going on. ... (201 replies)
... ore i switch completely. I just hope it doesnt mess me up for work tomorrow...the anxiety has been mostly gone today, but i did take ativan before i went to bed, so who knows. ... (201 replies)

... I wish you had done it last night, so you could see how it will affect you - BUT promise me you will do that tonight. I'm counting on you to be strong and do what you need to do for yourself. I worry about you, you are just much too apprehensive about all this. I'm saying this only as your friend, but you really should consider going to a psyc to deal with your anxiety... (201 replies)
... Eh i wimped out, i did another day of half and far i dont have the constant anxiety but my head still feels pretty its somewhat better for the time being :)tonight i may do the same thing just take a little less paxil Ill see how the day goes :yawn: (201 replies)
... ings you feel when you're "sick" mentally, and how differently you feel when you are better. I am really amazed. I wish I had not resisted taking something for so long, or I would have gotten better a long time ago and not had to feel so desparate, lonely and hopeless. ... (201 replies)
... Right now the anxiety is gone again, so maybe ill get used to it soon. I really want the lex to work for me. ... (201 replies)
... Ok, Go Adam - Go Adam! Take it and let's see how you do tomorrow. I'm hoping you'll have a much better day tomorrow. I've felt in "high gear" all day and can't seem to idle down. I cut down to 5 mg last night and was going to tonight, but doesn't look like I"ll be having sex this weekend (husband's knee is swollen and hurting really bad) so - might as well take the 10 mg... (201 replies)
... I've been outside several times today and the pollen count here is really high, so I think maybe that is what is causing it because my ears are ringing too.... Unfortunately Memphis is the "allergy capitol of the world" the say... ... (201 replies)
... Adam, go ahead and do a whole lex tonight, so you can get the full benefit from it and overcome the lack of the Paxil. I think it may make you feel better. ... (201 replies)
... I would go out, if it wasnt for the whole head feels like there's pressure on the top of it...same feeling i had the next day after switching from the Paxil CR to the straight pill...i dont know whether the lex is messing with me, or if its because of the reduction in paxil...most people taper paxil over weeks, ive gone from 12.5 CR to 10mg to 5mg in 2 weeks...i... (201 replies)
... Adam, when I first started on it, it had the antsy feeling, I got outside and did work in the yard because I couldn't seem to sit still. I was fidgity. Tonight, do the whole Lex, ok? I think you need to adjust as much as possible before having to go to work Monday. Why don't you get out of the house and do something to take your mind off it. Do you live alone? If so,... (201 replies)
... mg of ativan to help me but i dont feel so good still. my chest feels like its filled with butterflies and im restless. ... (201 replies)
... Going to bed myself. Hope tomorrow is better for you! :) btw - back in the old days, remember - no bathrooms! One of my hubby's friends was over here earlier and we were talking about the days when you didn't have bathrooms, color tv and all the stuff we have now. I think we all just rush around so much even with all our modern day amenities - and part of that causes... (201 replies)
... well, I definitely can't drink much with it. It seems to intensify the affect of alcohol, so a little goes a long way now. So, be careful when you do, ok? ... (201 replies)
... yeah i know...i cant help it. we'll see how day two goes :) i just did my pill cutting so ill be ready for later :) Woohoo (201 replies)
... litthotwm, I have never heard of that before. Let me know how that works. I am going through something very serious with my daughter right now, so I don't know if I'll feel up to sex anytime soon. ... (201 replies)
... of lex made a difference so far today? ... (201 replies)
... Kelly, I called my doctor today and they called me in a prescription of Periactin to try. It is an antihistimine that you take an hour before sex and it's supposed to block the side affects from your AD (like the sexual ones). I have a friend that just tried it (her psyc gave it to her) and she said it worked for her - so I'm going to try it this weekend. The downside is... (201 replies)
... I know the paxil made me sweat more. wonder if the lex has the same effect. SO far today hasnt been too bad. Its 1030 AM here. ... (201 replies)

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