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... t the morning too. My doc called last night and he said to stop the med for now. I didn't take it last night and slept well. My mext meeting with him is the 29th so I will suggest the morning. ... (201 replies)
... I am glad the .5 mg works for you. I tried going down to that, but I could tell that I didn't feel as calm on the lower dose, so after a few days I went back up to the 10 mg. Now on the weekends, I do cut back down to 5, just to try to minimize the sexual sideaffects I am having. ... (201 replies)
... That sounds like a very demanding and stressful job. No wonder you are having anxiety issues! I have a fun job, but it can be very demanding also. I work for an Elevator Company (we manufacture elevators/escators) and I run the Company Store that services the whole US and beyond. I don't ship it all out - but oversee all the orders and do special orders for events - etc. ... (201 replies)

... I went from sitting all day at a really easy computer programming job, to managing stock and stock option plans for a dozen different companies. So work is all about getting things done on time, deadlines, different things to do from different people, all of whom want it done right away lol (201 replies)
... I would feel like I was getting light headed, dizzy and was going to pass out. I got so scared, I would have to pull over and calm myself before I could continue. It was a scary feeling! ... (201 replies)
... Friday night, be sure to the half and half for a couple of days. I hope it works so well for you that you forget what anxiety was. Maybe you will be a whole new person! I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you! ... (201 replies)
... Then i got so worked up about it i couldnt sleep. pathetic? ... (201 replies)
... your dog! We had ours put to sleep a few years ago and it was very traumatic. I cried for weeks, and my husband was really depressed. He would cry for months, so we finally got a new dog, which really helped alot. Now when she dies, it's going to really kill me. Oh, the Paxil and Paxil CR are a bit different. ... (201 replies)
... yeah i know. oh i forgot to mention, my dog that ive had for about 10 years had to be put to sleep two weeks ago. Most of my anxiety really came back the night i went from the cr to the regular paxil. i think i've been on edge for the last year, the paxil must have been just keeping me from being like i am now. i know this sounds dumb, but i would actually feel better after a... (201 replies)
... s like that, in fact, too scared to do alot of things that most people don't think twice about. I have heard about people thinking they have terrible illnesses, so you're not alone on that one. ... (201 replies)
... Kelly, since you are still hungry, I really don't think it's the lex. I actually take Sudafed every day for my allergies, and it curbs my appetite really well. If you tend to be nervous, that might not work for you though. Also, that would give you more pep! Carly, are you taking the Lex at night? If so, try it in the a.m. with food. I tried it at night at first and it... (201 replies)
... im so apprehensive about side effects! ugh... ... (201 replies)
... I havent gone into a Panic run out of the house or building kind of feeling, but i have gotten jittery. For the longest time i had been on only the 10mg paxil, so i must not be to bad. I have been feeling more depressed lately too, so i think the change should be good. Luckily I keep a few ativan on me. ... (201 replies)
... all the time. Mine was more depression. The only time I had panic attacks was when I tried to drive on the expressway. I am sorry to hear that you are having so much problem with your anxiety. Have you tried herbal Kava Kava? ... (201 replies)
... From what Ive heard of lex so far it looks like its gonna be good. I actually have a friend that works for a place called advanced behavioral health. ... (201 replies)
... That sounds like a good idea. If you feel a bit bad, at least it will be over the weekend. My GYN gave me mine, so I've gotten most of my advice from friends that take it and also from reading on the internet about it and also asking the pharmacist. ... (201 replies)
... OMG, I am so tired..........I am not going to cry though, I am going to give it some time to work..........also feel achy. I guess this is all normal? ... (0 replies)
... I couldn't take Lexparo. I just had too many side effects. I then went to Celexa which I tolerated very well. I was just so tired on both. I also liked Prozac which I felt working in days. ... (4 replies)
... It worked great for my anxiety, but also made me feel a little depressed. I think because it made me so tired. Does that really ever go away? ... (12 replies)
... NON-SSRI older anti-depresants, like trycylics. Actually, I think thats the only NON-SSRI. Oh wait, MAOIs. Which are no fun I hear. But I would be willing to try them. (6 replies)

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