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... I started taking Lexapro in July 2007. After initial extra anxiety, it finally kicked in and it helped with panic attacks a lot, even OCD. I was on 5mgs. ... (1 replies)
... Well, I remained on the Paxil from 2010 to summer of 2013, when I began to feel that a new SSRI could help me better. ... (0 replies)
... Yes, I've tried going off of Lexapro for 2 weeks, when only taking that one med, and my sex drive CAME BACK! I couldn't stop being aroused, it was WONDERFUL! ... (23 replies)

... I have pretty bad OCD when it comes to health worries. the term "worrying yourself sick" applies to me, as well as hypochondriac. ... (0 replies)
... Hey there. Wow, sorry to hear your having the problems with the Zoloft. I was wondering, do you think because you went straight from the Lexapro to the Zoloft without weaning off the Lexapro it might have contributed to the worse side effects? ... (5 replies)
... Hello again guys i wanted to let you all know that celexa has helped my OCD a while lot, however it has not helped my anxiety/depression, i cry a lot and feel pretty bad most of the time, anyway i have been on it for 3 months, on 20 mg, this is the 2nd time i have been on it and i notice after a few monthis it kinda stops working and you have to up it more, anyway i was... (4 replies)
... I used to feel like that. I have really intense health anxiety and panic attacks and although I've never been diagnosed ocd my psych explained to me that sometimes with the anxiety people experience ocd tendencies toward whatever they are worried about at that time, for me my health. ... (7 replies)
... I, like you, am on a SSRI (Luvox) for OCD. I would imagine you are on a fairly high dose, as you are usually put on a higher dose for OCD. If you decide to drink, I would keep it at one to two drinks. Yeah, it might kind of stink (trust me, I love a good beer with my football), but it's the card we were dealt. I would rather stick to a beer or two every once in a while, than... (2 replies)
... doc said i really should push it up to 30 mg because 20 is too low, I may increase it a little later if it stops working. I have no side effects either. The last SSRI I took was Paxil about 6 years ago. The side effects were unbearable. ... (4 replies)
... hey sarah i started lexapro for 4 days but dr wanted me to stop till my test r all done as in mri,eeg type of test... ... (9 replies)
... Hi Candella, I feel for you with the side effects. I was never able to stay on any SSRI's due to side effects (tried 6 different ones). I tried to stick with them as long as I was able but never lasted more than a few weeks. One doctor told me that if its making you feel that bad then its not for you, try another med. I was unable to find one though :( Now I am... (5 replies)
... As I said, I have been in therapy for a year and have certainly dug into the core of my anxieties as well as the cycle of the anxiety. While you obviously have opinions on medication that you can back up with research, there is also much research that DOES support the use of SSRI's in anxiety/ocd/depression, etc. Honestly, I'm not looking for someone to change my mind about... (7 replies)
... Hi and yes I have to agree celexa is by far the best SSRI, with the least side effects i have been on many anti-depressants and this one does help me to a certain degree, i mean i just think maybe like you said 20mg isnt that much, one good thing is that celexa didnt kill my sex drive which is great but i wish it helped me more with my anxiety, anyway i might try upping it... (4 replies)
... Hi and thanks for your response, i am thinking about upping the dose but I am wondering do these SSRI's stop working after a while, i would hate to keep upping them every few months, anyway any advice would be appreciated thanks (4 replies)
... lexapro is suppose to work well, but most ssri will have a minor affect on sex drive............ ... (7 replies)
... I am in a similiar situation as you are. My psychatrist put me on Celexa for Depression & OCD. I also had issues with social anxiety as well. However, it wasn't until I stopped using Celexa that I started getting panic attacks. I never had them before in my life and now I am on Lexapro. I am on a very small dose (5mg) and it seemed to be working but now I am starting to... (9 replies)
... Here's the thing about drugs. Pharaceutal companys like money. They keep inventing new drugs, primary for money. Lexapro has been highly marketed and probably Dr.'s have been given incentives to promote Lexapro. Prozac I believe is from the 1970's if I remember correctly. ... (4 replies)
Jul 18, 2006
... out OCD breakdowns on them. I'm not on an SSRI right now because they don't seem to help me. I honestly couldn't tell you how it's supposed to make you feel. I continued having daily panic attacks on SSRI's. ... (6 replies)
... I guess I've always kind of been anxious my whole life, but the panic and severe anxiety never set in until a couple months back. I've been diagnosed with OCD in the past, put on lexapro and xanax, lexapro didnt do much, but xanax did for the ocd. ... (4 replies)
... Like why isn't whats usually prescribed first, such as an SSRI , not always a first choice from one doctor. ... (10 replies)

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