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... im taking .25 like once or twice a day and i just started lexapro BUT the xanax doesnt help that much should i take a pill and a half...not even dr. ... (2 replies)
I feel so alone
Jul 9, 2007
... Hey Minutexminute, Remember Kimwwe from the Butterflies thread. I hope you felt better reading my problems because you made me feel better. You seem really down to earth. And I have taken every med your have. Even the Lamactal but that is for seizures just to add the depression OCD, anxiousness (high-strung) maybe a better word? And I also had bad sleep and nightmares from... (5 replies)
... I started Cymbalta 12 days ago for anxiety. I had been on Paxil and it quit working. I tried Lexapro for 9 days before the Cymbalta and it didn't agree with me. I've been very nervous and jittery,but I was on the Lex too. ... (11 replies)

... ree to disagree on this one. I won't post anymore on this subject here because I don't want to start a futile arguement. I just want the person who started the thread to not worry about the minescule amount of Xanax she is taking. ... (11 replies)
... out that I couldn't even swallow food without thinking I was choking. I have been on many meds including klonopin, xanax, valium, effexor, paxil, celexa, zoloft, lexapro basically if you name it i have been on it. I have been off meds for about 4 months now and have shocked myself by how well i'm doing. ... (9 replies)
... hi ruby,good to hear from ya, its been a rough 10 days been out of work, dr's were trying to find out if i have lupus, had some test done 50/50 chance of that or another autoimmune disease,run out of cash to futher more testing,huge co-pay for speciallist $300-700.00!!! i feel aweful depressed, anxious, fatigued. saw my thearpist today, back on lexapro. im just... (9 replies)
Hi Everyone
Sep 12, 2005
... hi I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder 12 years ago.I fainted with seizure activity and then loads of physical anxiety symptoms followed for an entire year it was daily.I was tested for all kind of things everything comming out normal,during all this I thought I had a brain tumor and obsessed over this.I was borderline agoraphobic.Finaly I just started taking... (23 replies)
Anxiety Triggers
Sep 5, 2005
... Also, someone mentioned hyperventilation syndrome on another thread and it does sound like what I experience. On the other hand, it sounds A LOT like a panic attack as well. So are these two simply related? ... (9 replies)
... I learned a lot reading the messages on this thread. Are these conclusions right? Lexapro takes a month or two to work. It's bad for sex. It can be taken with xanax. It's hard to withdraw from. It's better for depression than anxiety, and it may not get the job done for persistent, galloping anxiety. Has anyone used it or xanax for a while and then found yourself able... (43 replies)
Exercise and benzo
Jul 12, 2005
... Marirose, if you read this, I agreed with you we should start a new thread. We were a little off topic, but it seems weight gain is a big concern for a lot of people. I guess for me, it's not just the weight gain, but a lot of the side effects. Sometimes, though, my panic gets so bad that I don't care how much weight I gained as long as something helped. Alprazolam has... (8 replies)
Starting Paxil
Mar 27, 2005
... I've tried lexapro, zoloft, and wellbutrin, but never seem to give one long enough. I am so scared of the withdrawal symptoms from the effexor, especially the thread about how to withdraw from effexor. ... (6 replies)
... I haven't tried any meds other than Xanax this time, I tried Wellbutrin to quit smoking for a about a week and it made me feel worse, I don't know whether or not Lexapro effects the stomache but Anxiety does big time. I'm sorta hanging by a thread myself but this board makes me a feel a lot better.Hang in there! ... (7 replies)
... it's good to find this thread! it's right up my alley. i have been on a number of the ssri's, of which paxil worked the best, but not without the dreaded weight gain and sexual side effects. i tried pairing it with other drugs to counteract the gain, but nothing worked (wellbutrin-- more anxiety; topomax-- complete stupidity). connivkitten-- how long have you been on the... (55 replies)
... well lexapro is the latest FDA approved antianxiety pill so it works wonders with little to no side effects. it is a great med for most. as for the thread starter, your doctor should give you xanax to combat the anxiety you are getting. xanax works wonders also. ... (12 replies)
... happen to me. Thankfully the meds are working pretty good for the most part. I can't really tell you what drug does what from my standpoint. I am guessing the Lexapro calms me, the Wellbutrin stimulates me and the Remeron makes sure I can sleep. But truthfully I do not know. It's a magical cocktail. ... (40 replies)

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