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... and saw that Paxil may be a better choice. That my symptoms seemed more applicable to Paxil then lexapro. ... (19 replies)
... Looks like mY doctor is going to make a change from 10mg paxil to 10 mg i just stop with the paxil and immediately start the lexapro? ... (19 replies)
... s........If the lexapro is just not doing it for you in the next few weeks, switch to 20 of Paxil. ... (19 replies)

... i was on Paxil for 5 weeks. gained 20lbs. then i took lexapro for 3 weeks, gained 10lbs. couldn't deal with the weight gain, so i stopped taking meds altogether. ... (19 replies)
... welcome zlucia :) paxil and lexapro are both prozac type meds or antidepressants and all these meds can be very helpful for stress and anxiety and you dont need to be also depressed they tale 2 to 6 weeks to work and until then the early side effects can be a nusiance, lexapro is newer and I would prefer it to paxil an alternative would be to exercise more, learn to relax... (19 replies)
... Adam, I am not sure, I was never on paxil but I did switch from prozac to lexapro just like that, no tapering. I would ask your doc to be safe, or call your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist. ... (19 replies)
... I just wanted to say I had great luck with lexapro! everyone is different. I never tryed paxil. I tried effexor, prozac, celexa, klonopin.ativan and lexapro was the only one that helped. ... (19 replies)
... eally really bad! So I stopped that right away. So any ways I decided to go to a pdoc then a regular doc and try to get this anxiety under control he put me on Lexapro 10mg for the first few months then bummed it up to 20mg after that. The first 2 weeks were hell but I stuck it out and now I feel great. ... (19 replies)
... Why was Paxil CR recalled? ... (19 replies)
... Did you gain any weight on lexapro? My Dr. just gave me an Rx for it. I currently take Ativan and have been tapering off of it. The ativan is making me really depressed Also did you get any other side effects starting out on the lexapro? Nausea? I am not good with anything that makes me feel sick to my stomach.....I've been considering trying it at a very low dose to... (19 replies)
... I was fine on paxil for a long time and within the last year have become worse... ... (19 replies)
... Extremely rare........Considering it takes about 14 doses to take affect. (19 replies)
... I have been on Lexapro for a month now, and no weight changes. I have not been hungrier than usual either. I have always been conscious of my weight and work out anyway though. ... (19 replies)
... I have been on Lexapro 10 mg for a month now. I actually started feeling better in a matter of a few days. ... (19 replies)
... Personally I wouldn't say that Lexapro helped me much with my anxiety and tension, in fact it made me twitchy and more tense. ... (19 replies)
... To be honest, I didn't gain any weight or feel sick to my stomach, Prozac made me very sick! The only side effect is that it does lower your sex drive, I really didn't care as long as I felt better, But it can be a problem for some. My doc said you can mix it with wellbutrin and that really helps the sex drive effect. other than that I loved it and I was only on 10mg. I didn't... (19 replies)
... Yeah, the above response is correct, I have also heard it may not be back on the shelves this year, or possibly not at all. (however, I think it will be back, GSK will lose to much money w/out it).......... (19 replies)
... I just read that it was pulled over "quality control" issues because the pills can split apart, so that you might get a pill (or part of a pill?) that has no active ingredient, or with the active ingredient but without the time-release effect. No idean as to how likely this is or whether it has actually happened to anyone. If you do a search on the topic you'll come up with... (19 replies)
... That may be true but that was my personal experence with it. It just scared the heck out of me thats all I know. I was just letting people know what I went threw with it. I am not knocking it, Different antidepressents work for different people. I am glad that is working for you. I am happy the lex is working for me :) (19 replies)

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