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... anyone no how the lex supposedly makes you hungry...u would figure slowing down the central nervouse symtom would make you burn less feul and thus less hungry...but i tried remeron once and i remember i was hungry alot.anyone have any ideas.? also anyone have racing heart side effects...i guess not other wise you would have posted... guys are making me feel... (12 replies)
... Hi i am thinking of starting lexipro...anyone take it... anyside effects does it work what was your starting dose.. thank you ! (12 replies)
... Dave, Remeron has the terrible side affect of making you very hungry. The Lexapro has not done that to me at all. No change in my appetite at all. My heart didn't really race, but I felt kind of like I was in high gear for a few days, and then I slowed back to normal. This was just in the first few days. I adjusted very quickly and very well. My only problem thus far is... (12 replies)

... Sadfreek, I agree with you 100%! The lexapro worked right away for me also, but I am tired, hungry and can't have an orgasm. What to do? I hate the anxiety and am glad I finally found something that works, but how do I handle the other things? I DO NOT want to gain weight! (12 replies)
... I have taken Lexapro three seperate times now. First time at 10mg for about 7 weeks. Did nothing at all, in fact felt like it made my anxiety worse. Stopped cold turkey. 2nd time I took it for about a week. Again, 10mg during the day. Made me so freakin' tired and sexual side effects so I quit. This time, 3 days, 5mg at nighttime. Seems like Im sleeping better, but... (12 replies)
... I have been on Lexapro 10mg for just over a month. It is wonderful! I was very depressed and anxious, and both are completely gone, in fact was much better the very first week. I was taking it at night first and would be nauseated all night and couldn't sleep, so I started taking it in the a.m. At first it made me sleepy, but after a few days, it passed. Now I have... (12 replies)
... Lexapro has been the best antidepressant that I have found this far. It is so helpful for both depression and anxiety. Theres no way I am going to stop taking this med. The pros outweigh the cons. Good luck everyone, I do hope you find what works for you. If anyone of you are taking Lexapro and see the benefits--why not stick it out? Personally, I think it has been worth it.... (12 replies)
... come to think about has also made me hungry ALL the time too... I think Im gonna stop. I have been taking Lexapro for over a year. Ten mgs., at night. This is what my Hubby and I call ' My Miracle Med. ! ' I promise, I/we could tell a difference in just over a week, as it's done wonders for my anxiety and panick attacks !!!! I only speak from my own... (12 replies)
... Sadfreek, how long have you been on lexapro? (12 replies)
... come to think about has also made me hungry ALL the time too... I think Im gonna stop. (12 replies)
... Lexapro 10 mg at night has worked wonders for my anxiety...I've only been taking it the last week or so. It makes me so tired though. I don't know if this is something that will go away with time or not. I also seem to be eating a lot more, which is very unusual for me...I have actual cravings. I am assuming it is the lexapro. The bad side is I am too tired to make myself... (12 replies)
... Just started Lexapro for the third time. Take it at night! best advice I can give. This stuff will knock you out during the day. I can only handle 5mg right now.... sexual side effects suck. (cant orgasm, or very tough) Seems to be helping my anxiety though. 4th day. (12 replies)
... Hi Dave, I took Lexapro for 4 days...I stopped because of the side effects (nausea and somnolence). I took 10 mg. in the morning. I'm now on Prozac. If you decide to take it, I hope it works out for you! -Dayna (12 replies)

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