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... IMHO, "breakthrough anxiety" is the excuse of the medical community for what is most likely either side effect or rebound drug effect. Since you are noticing you are more anxious now then when you started the Lexapro, there's a clue. Serotonin is excitatory and a vasoconstrictor. It can cause nervousness and sometimes insomnia. SSRi's can stop natural metabolism of... (4 replies)
... I have been on Lexapro (5mg) for almost 8 weeks now, and last week I noticed that some of my anxiety symptoms are coming back. In general, I am more anxious than I have been since I first started taking the Lexparo...and my hands and feet are tingly and sweaty again (not to the extent they use to be, but enough for me to be bothered by it.) Has this happened to anyone... (4 replies)
... first the question is why did you go off lexparo to begin with was it because you felt better or because it wasn't working? ... (8 replies)

... Does being on lexparo affect your cardio workout? ... (0 replies)
... I think you should try both. What doseage are you on for lexapro? I am on 10 mg, and I have been for years. It works for me, but recently I have more stress, anxiety and pain , so my dr bumped me up to 20mg. It was too strong, so I went back to 10mg. I might try 15, and try cutting the 20 mg into 1/4's. If you are on 10mg, cut it in half, they are scored. You can but a pill... (4 replies)
... I would give another week. Sometimes it can take 5 weeks to kick in. If then you still have side effects or if it is not helping I would try another. I couldn't take Lexparo. I just had too many side effects. I then went to Celexa which I tolerated very well. I was just so tired on both. I also liked Prozac which I felt working in days. (4 replies)
... I know they are supposed to be similiar drugs....but my Dr. swears that Celexa is better than Lexapro and that Lexparo was only created cuz the patent ran out on Celexa. He would never prescribe Lexapro to anyone. ... (0 replies)
... I'be been taking lexparo for near a year now. I missed the dose yesterday and was late taking it today. My head has been feeling lightheaded since lunch time today. ... (2 replies)
... I took Lexparo for 2 years @ 20 mg a day and it absolutely drained me! I felt like a walking zombie a majority of the time I was on it. Because of that and the drastic weight gain I experienced I weened off of it. GooD LuCk! -Angela :angel: (5 replies)
... took a half. Now I am dizzy, anxious have a headache. I took another half of the lorazapam about 2 hours ago and it didn't do a thing. I just started taking Lexparo 10 mg eleven days ago. ... (6 replies)
... I started off with 10mg and felt great but about 8 weeks into it, I was feeling the anxiety here and there again. My doc upped me to 20mg and that worked for me. From time to time (maybe once or twice a month) I will get a short episode of Anxiety but I recognize it and just relax. Hope this helps. Dave (4 replies)
... Hi NicoleMM, Yes, I think you need to up your dose of lexapro to 10mg for now. Just ask your dr. I was only on 5mg. for 10 days, then 10 mg. for 2 weeks. That still was not quite enuf for me, so my dr. said I could go to 15 mg for now. Will try that for a month of two. I am sort of a work in progress, I guess. Hope this helps. Wannabe (4 replies)
... to nicole confirm with pharmacist but the usual lexapro dose range is 10 to 20 so it seems 10 or more is needed for it to work properly lexapro is a heavy duty med but IMO is OK for severe anxiety (4 replies)
... Last year is when my anxiety caught up with me...not sure how I fended it off for so long. I now take 5mg of Lexparo and love it. I still don't sleep through the night...but I have gotten use to it since it has been a pattern for me as long as I can remember. ... (13 replies)

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