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Sep 30, 2003
... headed feeling would at times get worse, but it would never completely go away. ... (0 replies)
... I am light headed and spacey all the time. I also have loose bowel movements two or three usually first thing in the morning. The light headed feeling is constant not episodic. I am not suffering from fatigue. I am not depressed.I have had loads of tests scans etc with no diagnosis. ... (1 replies)
... Ive been a little light headed for 12 years, but the last 2 years have been really bad. I dont know what do anymore. ... (9 replies)

Light headed 24-7
Feb 20, 2007
... dizzy for over 7 years now on a daily basis. I wake up feeling like this and go to bed feeling like this. You mentioned lightheaded are you having vertigo, meaning an illusion of motion or spinning? ... (10 replies)
... thank you for such a quick resonse... i just feel so alone i am no the mother and wife i use to main symtoms are the light headed water head feeling and pressure in my chest like my heart is beating so hard that it is hard to breath..i am going to the DR. in the morning and will let you know .... ... (5 replies)
Dizzy light headed
Mar 19, 2006
... I feel dizzy and light headed but not all the time. Sometimes if I go out to eat, the dizziness will hit real hard and fast and it makes me jump and grab the side of the table to hold on. ... (4 replies)
... You mentioned in a previous thread that not breathing right can cause light headed symptoms? ... (9 replies)
... flight response in the body. I have this problem too. What triggers it for me is a stuffy room and then I start feeling light headed and like I'm going to pass out. Then I really start to panic. ... (8 replies)
... It's been 3 months now and I'm still lightheaded. The stomach problems have disappeared, but the light headed feeling remains. I've also noticed that my vision seems to go blurry at times and my eyes will water when this happens. ... (98 replies)
... Hi Adam! It's been a rollar coaster ride! First day I felt ampted up and some what irritable. Now I am mostly tired and sometimes a little sick and light headed feeling? ... (201 replies)
... headed feeling is caused by breathing too quickly, which sends too much oxygen to the brain. A few long slow breaths can help! ... (23 replies)
... hi all, i posted here because anxiety symptoms best describe my symptoms and the way i feel, about ten months ago i started to feel very light headed and dizzy and felt like i was passing out and was a fairly scary experience. ... (1 replies)
... n. Depending on the age, health history, drug history and family history the symptoms you describe could be anything from a panic attack to cardiac problems. The light headed feeling and the tingling in the jaw is more worrisome than the chest pressure in the absence of other symptoms. ... (3 replies)
Going off lexapro
Aug 29, 2006
... ick. it does not feel good. I was taking 10 mg and then did 5 mg for two weeks. I felt light headed on and off, as my doctor warned... and I know that this can continue for a few more weeks, along with anxiety etc... lovely. ... (1 replies)
... constantly worrying about unrealistic health problems. I am stuck now on the thought of getting a seizure eventhough i never had one. Its because i constantly am light headed and sometimes heavy headed if that makes any sense. Well, here is my question. I just wanted to know if anyone has ever experienced this symptom. ... (2 replies)
... thanks for the input guys. I think it must have been low blood sugar, or something else along those lines. After I drank some orange juice and had some soup, the light headed feeling went away. ... (10 replies)
... It did make me light headed about half an hour after taking it , still does. ... (5 replies)
... Thank's immensely for all the replies and it is very much a relief to know that I'm not alone. I took a 1mg Ativan earlier but I've still got some anxiety, twitches all over (especially my right lip and left cheek and it's driving me nuts. I'm so sick of this cycle of anxiety, drinking, popping pills, the freaky sensations, etc. I just can't deal with this anymore but what is... (9 replies)
Light headed 24-7
Sep 27, 2007
... s is is that they are the easiest form of anxiety to treat! apparently. i got mine ever since i moved to australia, the usual symptoms for me are this continuous light headedness, and then when i get a panic attack the sweaty palms, wanting to leave the room, getting hot etc. ... (10 replies)
... would be fair to assume that it is anxiety if you are experiencing any other symptoms consitstent with the disorder. Are you having feelings of apprehension, or feeling "on edge"? ... (8 replies)

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