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... Hi Guys! I am with you on this one! I suffer from heavy head and dizziness/lightheadedness on a daily basis. And when my anxiety is bad, so are these symptoms! As for your question~ What is the difference between panic and anxiety? I can answer this one, I suffer from Anxiety and Panic Disorder so I know a lot about the two. Panic attacks are a sudden and intense... (8 replies)
... does any body feel like this when they experience panic attacks. I have had depression and panic for about 5 years. I usually do well with prozac and klonopin wafers but there is a time of the year, usually the winter when I get this anxious, worrysome, light headed/dizzy feeling. I don't usually get full attacks, thank God, but I do have this constanct feeling that I don't... (8 replies)
... Im glad I found this.... I have been back to the Doctor on and off for months now, feeling dizzy, light headed, heavy in the head etc and also diarrohea.. ... (9 replies)

Light headed 24-7
Feb 20, 2007
... Hi Jimmy~:wave: I too suffer from panic disorder and anxiety. I have been lighthead/dizzy for over 7 years now on a daily basis. I wake up feeling like this and go to bed feeling like this. You mentioned lightheaded are you having vertigo, meaning an illusion of motion or spinning? I first want to answer some of your questions, what other illness can cause you to feel... (10 replies)
... VERY INTERESTING!!! I don't know if what you are saying is the sensations I myself have been struggling with for "years".. Here is what it is like for myself, I get a floating feeling, intense Falling to the side & backwards sensation, sinking to the ground feeling, a motion sensation as if I am swaying on a boat, and my favorite the good old dropping feeling you get on an... (8 replies)
... bout 3 years solid now. at least 4 pills a day. that cant be good but it's the only thing that will make the headaches go away. not the floaters or swaying or heavy headedness but the actualy headache. if i shake my head really fast i feel really dizzy like im shaking up my brain or something. ... (8 replies)
... headed and scan my head again and see if i have multiple sclerosis. I was just telling you all what happened. ... (0 replies)
... i had one dizzy spell on aug. 9 and since then it has i think brought on worse sensations in my head, I guess from lack of sleep and heavy periods. It was awful, now when I put my head in certain positions it makes my head feel giddy and off balance. ... (5 replies)
... Terminal illnesses Or diseases I thought I had: Heart problems such as : -Heart attack -Sudden cardiac arrest -Clogged arteries -Stroke Abdominal problems: (13 replies)
... Hi all, I joined this board because I wanted to find out if feeling dizzy, off balance, spacy and light headed could be attributed to anxiety. I don't know what is going on with me! ... (11 replies)
... If you can find and read a thread in this forum called "Heavy Head,,,,,Lightheaded", I asked the same thing. The thread is about 2 weeks back. I got the following very helpful answer from Boxerlover: (4 replies)
... ts of my body. I begin to feel fatigued that is very overwhelming as well. I Isloate myself in fear of plain and simple "making a fool out of myself" I feel very heavy headed as if I need to lay down this feeling then turns into a foggy head feeling that may last days along with daily headaches.. ... (3 replies)
... and used to be a heavy drinker in college. In any case, I get to work and my headache starts to turn into a lightheaded feeling. ... (98 replies)
Anxiety or more?
Aug 6, 2005
... pick up my AS results the next day i don't know but i felt like i had to make an effort to breathe and if i didn't concentrate i would stop, i also felt a little light headed. It was very scary. ... (3 replies)
... t the stomach problem came first. I remember being in the grocery store one day and having a bad pain in my stomach. It was immediately followed by some pretty heavy anxiety. I didn't associate the two and wondered why the hell I was feeling so know, what am I worried about, why do I feel so light headed. ... (4 replies)
... ng these attacks last summer, out of nowhere, I've gotten the ear popping, nausea, stomach cramps, numbness, and all of the above, however i've noticed latley my head hurts from time to time, and not like a headache, but only if i move it a certain way or bend down, a sharp pain, very feels heavy at times... ... (2 replies)

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